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Thread: My non-carry wife's LEO Encounter with my CC

  1. It should in SC and MO seems it did have a loaded clip in the gun rather chambered or not. Gun and ammo should be seperated on transit.
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  3. NO Judge, you are interpreting this wrong and it is settled law.

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    Keep your ins and reg on you, not in the car. Wallet or purse work just fine. Thief would get your credentials while driving your car. This is like carrying your SS card everywhere you go...why?
    In MN, your insurance is tied to the car, not the individual, and needs to stay in the car. One of my former coworkers nearly got a ticket because she pulled her registration from her purse, instead of somewhere inside the car. She had to prove she had a second registration card in the car to get out of the ticket. Granted, I don't think most LEOs care, but the cops in the city she was pulled over in have a reputation for being... erm... "pushy".
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    No issue in Mississippi.

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