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    I go to the range frequently wearing clothes that I might wear any day. I never wash my hands on the way out and then of course grab the steering wheel to drive home. I sometimes travel for business and pleasure. I just got my CCW recently and it occurred to me that gunpowder residue could be a problem. Any thoughts or experiences with this?
    Though not through experience gunpowder residue is widely known to cause shrinkage of the testicles and E.D. via absorption through the skin
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    What does recently obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit have to do with washing your hands, or going to the airport.

    The analysis of gunshot residue from the hands of a shooter detects primarily trace amounts of primer residue. The major primer elements are lead, barium, or antimony . Usually, all three are present, so it's a good practice to wash your hands after shooting or at least before eating, (and don't lick your fingers while at the range). In addition, unless you shoot full metal jacket bullets, your hands will come into contact with lead.

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    Funny thing about this is were i work in electronics we have d-wipes for wiping down items to remove lead when we biuld lead free products. I looked up there web site and it lists shooting sports as a use. May be good if at an range with no facilities to wash.

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    Your hands are second only to your mouth in terms of the amount of filth and disease they harbour... unless you've recently gone no. 2, then there's another body part in that running. Even if you don't wash your hands after going to the bathroom everytime, you should wash your hands after you finish up at the range everytime. Your hiney doesn't contain heavy metals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by longslide10 View Post
    Though not through experience gunpowder residue is widely known to cause shrinkage of the testicles and E.D. via absorption through the skin
    OH NO! Say it isn't so!

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    You finish firing 50 or 60 rounds. Your primer has things like lead mercury etc in it. Your hand have the black suet on them.
    You rub your eyes, you maybe eat a burger and some fries. You then go home and reload playing again with spent and new primers and lead bullets.
    Any time I shoot or handle bullets and primers, I wash my hands. When cleaning out the primer pockets I do so over a trash can while wearing latex gloves.

  8. Safebustr, I guess us old guys are exempt from all the stuff the younger ones are frantic about. I do wash the crud off my hands between reloading and eating but I don't go crazy wiping my hands, changing clothes, and covering vehicle seats after firing a few shots.
    I run a trapline and shoot numerous times during each run(many times with the muzzle barely in front of my hands and/or leaning over the the muzzle blast. In 1970-71, I was on a military rifle team and fired a LOT of ammo on an inside range during winter. I've reloaded many thousands of rounds of rifle, handgun, and shotgun ammo w/o wearing gloves or a mask. My latest blood work also showed no elevated lead content, none of my kids had 11 fingers/toes, and all the other stuff works as well as could be expected at 60 years old.
    If a person feels they must take all the precautions and cleanup like an operating room, go for it. I(and many thousands of others) didn't and are still doing fine. This is a lot like bicycle helmets IMHO.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    Your post kind of reminds me of 'those people' who ALMOST never washes their hands after they take a pi$$.
    It's an absolutely gross habit and very unhealthy at the same time.

    Lead exposure is not good for you or anyone else that may be around you.
    Just do everybody & yourself a favor and WASH YOUR STINKING HANDS.
    Dude, my "Johnson" is way cleaner than the bathroom, I will take my chances

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