LEO Visit To My Office -- Inform them of My CCL and weapon?
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Thread: LEO Visit To My Office -- Inform them of My CCL and weapon?

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    LEO Visit To My Office -- Inform them of My CCL and weapon?

    I have had LEOs visit my office with appointments on occasion, and will continue to do so in the future. In every case, they are there on official LEO business. When they enter my office and I stand to greet them, am I required to inform them of my CHL and that I am armed? I am in Ohio.

    I've looked online for an answer and not found one. Any help would be appreciated.

    The reasons they are visiting me are immaterial to this discussion.


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    How does the law for your state read?
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    Does your state require notification ? if not no
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    I'd ask this over at OFCC. I think you'll get better advice there.

    My inclination is no, you're not required. They're not *stopping* you for an LE purpose.

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    Visiting your property I would certainly hope you have no "duty to inform" but I'm not familiar with Ohio laws.
    Generally speaking the "duty to inform" requirements are only on traffic or other "stops".
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    I am not sure what happens in other states but in Wisconsin they mail a copy of the statute regarding CCL with a pretty comprehensive FAQ. Other than that Google is a great resource.

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    I wouldn't, unless asked to.

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    In MI, we have a duty to inform, but the details are somewhat vague. There was a time when a LEO came (on business) to a house I was visiting, and I did tell him, just after he arrived, that I have a CPL and was just giving him the standard notification. He said that was pretty much for traffic stops, but was glad I was up front about it. In the class I took to get the license, the lawyer talked about the gray areas, and said it's better to notify when you don't need to, than to get in trouble for not notifying - if Ohio law is as vague as ours, that's probably good advice.

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    LEO Visit To My Office -- Inform them of My CCL and weapon?

    You are required under Ohio law to notify any LEO who you have interaction with if it's an official LEO purpose.

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    Ohio is a SHALL inform state, but the handbook on this website also says "If a person is stopped for a law enforcement purpose" I couldn't find anything about being in the present's of or anything else. You could always call your local sheriff's department and ask.

    I got that info from this website http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/concealedcarrybook
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