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Thread: Shave and a hair cut, but not on Sunday!

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    By the way, my home state, Indiana, also has a law on the books prohibiting car dealerships from being open on Sundays. Never was able to figure that one out.
    Several years ago one of the local car salesmen would go sit out front of the dealership and hand out his cards on Sundays while all of the other salesmen were taking Sunday off. Since they couldn't buy on Sunday they would come back on Monday and guess who they asked for. He was polietely informed by the other salesmen that he needed to take Sundays off or there could be problems.

  3. Shave and a hair cut

    I was born and raised in Indiana, and I can remember when Indiana had blue laws, and no place of business could operate on Sunday. The people started an outcry,saying that they often had the need to purchase milk or bread on Sunday, and slowly the blue laws fell. If you go to the movies in Indiana, you pay an excise tax that was put on movie admissions in the early forties, to aid the war effort. It was never repealed, to my knowledge.
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    Interesting website. Did anyone look in the "Internal Affairs" forum? WOW!
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