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    Well Said!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    So I have my decal proudly proclaiming to all that I am a CCW driver!!!
    I think I'd get my car keyed by some anti-2nd freak for their statement about mine. :58:
    I think I may leave my pistol in the glove (locked), in courthouse, school or Federal land parking and come back to my window busted out and the inside tossed with my shooter AWOL. :58:
    I would bet I get pulled over more by 'freeway' LEO's just to check I was good and legit, not 1 drink, and every tail-light good, and all the items on my DL and POI checked 3-5 times, makes for long trips. :58:
    Your plates tell the cops U may be a carrying or at least the owner has a CCW permit, something all non-LEO's can't run! :58:
    I see that decal as trouble, the whole concept of CONCEALED is not to advertise you are carrying, this [IMHO] blows that right to bits when U get in your wheels, & may lead to you losing your CCW-permit or even your piece (car too!). :icon_question:
    If I were an armed BG and wanted to rumble with owner of that car (say road rage) I would prolly shoot 1st and not take chance I could just settle things with less agro.
    I can think of a decal about as much trouble: "Proud owner of a $5K ROLEX watch I wear it ALL the time!" :58:

    Canis-Lupus :ranting2:
    I can't agree more. The best idea is to fly under the Bad Guys RADAR so to speak. Do not stand out. Do not advertise. Always be sensible. You can't always be with your stuff. You gotta work sometime to eak out a living. Get an alarm and a dog. Bad guys hate both.

    I don't do anything to advertise because the only thing that sucks worse than getting shot is getting shot with your own gun.

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    I tend to agree with the being incognito as far as my gun carry. I don't want to call attention to myself and I like the element of surprise to be on my side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I tend to agree with the being incognito as far as my gun carry. I don't want to call attention to myself and I like the element of surprise to be on my side.
    Yep, it's concealed carry for a reason. I personally don't want the BGs to know who is carrying and who is not. Makes us all safer.

    Remember, those law abiding who carry are making all safer, and doing a serivce to society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    I for one would not post anything like that on any of my vehicles. Many on these forums have opened my eyes to the fact that posting any kind of GUN decal on your vehicle is just inviting trouble..I tend to think that it could be very plausable. If I am pulled over, I will wait for the officer to ask for ID and then he/she will know that I am armed..thats just me
    In Ohio they know once they run your plate in computer. So when I inform them upon their coming to my window i'm just fufilling the letter of the law.

    Attention BG's...their might be a gun in the car.

    I could also see someone being spiteful with you and seeing that sticker they could call the police and lie saying " I think I saw them with a gun." It's a long shot, but there are peace loving sheep that would love to force us to give up are guns and be thrown in jail because we are just one step above the criminals." NO ONE SHOULD BE ARMED...except the police...and even then not all of them....just the one I call toe come to my house."
    Kinda like the PETA memebers that will tar and feather your suv.

    I'm probably way out in left field on this one...or is it right field....i'm confused.
    Rule #1 of CCW: Don't get made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarcustrucker View Post
    In Ohio they know once they run your plate in computer. So when I inform them upon their coming to my window i'm just fufilling the letter of the law.
    None of the vehicles I drive are registered in my name.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
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    Like I said in the other thread; No stickers, no badges, noting on my home or vehicle to tell the BG that I'm armed. I'm going to let them find out the hard way!
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    In some states, such as Arkansas, your CHL is tacked onto your drivers license and not your car tags. I can see if it were by car tags, and my wife, who is NOT licensed, gets pulled over, the cop goes on alert if he ran the tag and it came back to possible gun in car..things "could" be tense..where by drivers license, no reason to be alert to gun in car, he runs her info, no permit pops up, everyone is calm, for the gist is, some states tag your permit to your drivers license, not your car tags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    In some... states tag your permit to your drivers license, not your car tags.
    Washington State is one of those States. There in no picture on the Washington CWP. However, your drivers license number is indicated on the CWP, and the two must be carried together.

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    I agree with what has been said. I don't advertise nothin'--no stickers ,badges,tatoos. Not even an NRA sticker.
    One other thing too--if you have the decal and some BG wants your car--he will just walk up and shoot you because you've indicated that you're armed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublenutz View Post
    Interesting... I somehow thought it would be a very good idea, especially for alerting BG's and for placing on my home doors, sort of like an alarm deterent sign. It says- "Don't break in here this house has an alarm on it and the owner will be armed!" I was thinking the same would be true of my wifes vehicle and my own.

    I am really very interested in hearing the detailed reasons behind all of your opinions on this, would any of you share?
    Probably because it eliminates the very tactical advantage that you gain from having a concealed weapon in the first place. Some LEOs may also find it annoying. If you go somewhere where uninformed officials might think people should not have guns in their cars, you'll probably end up being singled out.

    Sun Tzu says...if you are strong, appear weak. If you are weak, appear strong. My car has car alarm stickers (these are from a real installation on someone else's car) because I do not have a car alarm. My house has ADT stickers because I do not have ADT. If I had any of these things, I would not have stickers advertising it.

    Thus, it stands to reason that if one has a firearm, one would want to be as low-profile as possible about it.
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