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    With all of the words in the English language, I would think that folks could be more creative and come up with analogies that your average Joe could possibly percieve as "racist". Keep in mind that there are a lot of "anti-gun" types on the web. I have no doubt that there are some of them who visit this and other pro 2A sites. Do you want to give them ANY ammunition to use against in the future?

    Be VERY careful of what you post on the web. You never know when it may come back an haunt you at a later date. With technology, there are ways of finding out stuff that you never imagined possible. I've seen first hand how close personal friends got into trouble because of what they posted on the web.

    What may not be offensive to you may offend the members of the jury who are deciding your fate in a criminal or civil case.

    Different points of view are what makes America a great place to live. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.

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  3. I editted my previous post, on page two I think.

    The reason I posted the comment is because I think it would do a lot as far as making Robocops more human, like the rest of us, instead of thinking they are "All That and A Bag of Chips". Sorry, but the Badge and gun don't mean squat.

    What matters is how you conduct yourself. Also, you can't take yourself too seriously all the time. I should know, I'm an anal retentive Type A personality. :)


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    Thats pretty sad when grown men can't take a joke, obviously they felt a little guilty or else they wouldn't have gotten all bent outta shape.

  5. Maybe high mercury levels in both.donut safer.

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    ...I'd LOVE a creme-filled donut, please.
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