Police Officer Slaps U.S. Soldier
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Thread: Police Officer Slaps U.S. Soldier

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    Police Officer Slaps U.S. Soldier

    This cop needs to be fired.

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    Looks to me the reserve military was bit too cocky at the wrong time. Good job Marine Police Officer.

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    Never pays to be a smart a$$. Kid's lucky it didn't come out worse.

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    Low IQ marine records himself attacking another person because he was angry....hmmmmm i hate to say this, but my little brother acts like this because he thinks the corps made him god.

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    The punk ass kid was in the wrong. Period. IMHO, if you think otherwise, you shouldn't be carrying a gun. I hope you're not armed if you take a posture like this with a cop.

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    Punk ass kid and all well and good, but a bit too much ego and too little self-control for an LEO.
    Si vis pacem para bellum

  9. And what the kid was going to do, if the officer would have let it alone the kid would have gotten worse.

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    The kid was lucky and obviously aware of it. I'm not sure what the moaning and groaning was all about, though.
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    Personally my first thought, when I listened to the soldier whining like a baby, was that this was a setup; who BTWis doing the video?--certainly is not from a police officer cam camera--even the police officer questions all this whining. The officer was wrong--he was not controlling anything and was not touched or attacked by the soldier. He definitely needs to be reminded of what is right and what is wrong when dealing with someone who wants to provoke you, particularly when a video camera is involved, which smells of a "setup". If the soldier had not been slapped and had continued being a smart ass, which is what he was, and continued to ignore the officer's commands, he should have been cuffed with the threat that he will be arrested for ignoring the officer and not allowing the officer to conduct his investigation of a possible felony. If he resists, then the officer can up the ante on force, as far as I am concerned.

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