Forgot backup mag when going through security to catch a flight.
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Thread: Forgot backup mag when going through security to catch a flight.

  1. Forgot backup mag when going through security to catch a flight.

    Forgot I Had a full backup magazine in my jacket and proceeded to go through security at Austin's airport. TSA saw it when it went through the X-ray machine. Good they caught it I guess... Anyway, they pulled me aside and got an Austin cop to watch me. He asked me for my license and gave it to the TSA. he told me that the mag and ammo wasn't illegal, but it is against TSA rules for carry on. TSA fiilled out thier form and took pictures of the mag and ammo. The cop was actually pretty cool about the whole thing and didn't treat me bad. He asked if I had a CHL and I told him I did. I know I didn't have to tell him, but I chose to. He gave me two choices: 1 - he escort me out of the security area and he discreetly hands me the ammo and mag and I go put it in my car or B - he keeps the stuff and fills out a form and I could get fined upto $11,000. I chose option 1. While we were waiting on the TSA, he was encouraging me by telling me that I wasn't in trouble and that this happens a lot, especially in Texas. Had to go back through security after putting anything back in my car and still caught my flight.

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    Gotta Love TEXAS!!

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    I did this a couple years ago as well. TSA is going to send you a letter and a fine ($250). There are multiple options, one being sending a letter of explanation. If this was your first time "offense" I would choose that option, as that's what I did. I just apologized, told them I would not do that again, and use this incident as a teaching experience for the gun community. They dropped the fine.
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  5. I had it happen to me with a .38 special speed loader. The police were nice enough to dispose of it for me since I had been dropped off at the airport. It was pretty embarrassing but I am really careful to check my bags now!

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    This happened to me 2 years ago leaving Tampa going to NYC. I had a hole in the lining of my back pack that I also used taking ammo and stuff the the range. The mag slip between the lining and the outer shell. I thought I was going to jail. No fine. No ticket. I was told he (TIACop) could not return the ammo, but gave me his card and said to all him when my flight returned and he gave me the mag back.

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    It's great that there have been so many make a simple mistake and they've not treated you like a hardened criminal. With all the stories I read every single day of authorities making mountains out of mole hills, it's refreshing to read some good.

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    Forgot backup mag when going through security to catch a flight.

    Last year I went on orders to MCB Quantico. I brought along with me my issued backpack. When I got to the barracks and unpacked I was shocked to see about 10 rounds of .22lr sitting at the bottom of the pack. I had used the pack a range bag a few days prior and had unknowingly spilled a box of ammo. I was mostly surprised that the TSA hadn't caught it and it made me pretty uneasy. I make sure I triple check that bag every time I travel now.

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    I've never forgotten a gun, but i did have my wife's shampoo confiscated for being over the 2 oz limit. I'd prefer the holding cell to my wife's "i'm not using hotel shampoo it's contaminated" tirade.

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    Had a belt pulley for a mower in my bag, should have seen the funny looks at the x-ray as they tried to figure out what it was and how to proceed ( It was easier to pick it up on the trip I was taking than to drive 180 miles from my house to buy one here)

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    Not a gun, but: I was flying out of DC when I lived in St Louis. There is a set of docks by the bridge on the way to National. I really like clams but away from the coast they were sold by the pound rather than by the hundred and way more expensive. So I bought a Styrofoam cooler at L'Enfant Plaza and filled it with clams and some ice. Carry on luggage. When it went through the X-ray the fun started. The woman running it screamed. They showed me the X-ray. The whole container was a mass of constantly squirming amorphous creatures. It looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

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