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Thread: Martial Law in Boston Justified? Yay or Nay?

  1. Photoshopped. .

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Arthgallo View Post
    Photoshopped. .
    That explains a lot. I've simmered-down a bit, now. That armored carrier shot enraged me beyond no end. No paranoia here, just a gut reaction to defend myself.

    If anyone disbelieves that the Federal government is not militarizing police forces with overwhelming SWAT equipment and training, just do a google search on the militarization of police departments. Also do a search on police raids on businesses. There was one here in Arkansas on a bottled water company, that was over the top, as many are. This raid was conducted by agents flown-in from all over. I believe it was an IRS SWAT operation, if memory serves. Watch the recreation, in the video, which also includes comments from Gibson Guitar company, which not raided once, but charges filed:

    I would have no problem if these SWAT teams completely dismantled gangs/drug activity in the metropolitan cities of the U.S., but increasingly, they are using massive show of force during raids on businesses, wasting taxpayers money, and advancing the notion that we are rapidly headed toward a police state in this country.

    Many of these units are taking gang violence full-on, which is commended, but many units are violating citizens rights on every level, when they swarm benign businesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gejoslin View Post
    That tail beating isn't much of a deterrent is it?

    Mine is the same way.
    Actually, the tails on my pits have done more damage to life & property around here than anything else. (It's amazing how painful a wagging tail can be and how much property damage they can cause!)

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    You watch what went on in Boston and its environs and maybe can excuse it because of the chaos of a terrorist attack at the Marathon. The scary thing is, as Rahm Emanuel would say as our fearless leader decides "not to let a crisis go to waste", and then proceeds to use the government resources to "produce" a crisis, and use it as an excuse to essentially suspend the Constitution--in essence takeover the USA----Germany 1930 repeats itself. Can't happen? Ridiculous? Just look at what he has done already and understand what this government has already turned into.

  6. I can't help but ask. Why was the family convinced that they didn't have the freedom to go get their own milk?

  7. They were obviously ordered to shelter within. Commanded to stay inside, in other words. Why risk being slammed to the ground, cuffed by boots, and arrested, to go get some milk?

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    I'm retired LEO and my answer is "NO" to a search of my home, vehicle or person. Obtain a warrant if you can provide enough information to get a judge to sign it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    They were obviously ordered to shelter within. Commanded to stay inside, in other words. Why risk being slammed to the ground, cuffed by boots, and arrested, to go get some milk?
    What in the heck is happening in my country?
    A mayor or police chief making a statement that people are to stay at home and not go anywhere does not carry the force of law with me. Period. I don't look anything like a 19 year old curly headed kid. And contrary to the PC crowd, or the "liberal czaristas", or any political hack, I still believe in the Constitution. They can take their power-pushing and their fear-mongering and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.
    I am still a free man, and until a revolution begins or a court says otherwise, I will go to the store if I need something, and I'll go when I want to go. If someone steps up on my porch and orders me out of my house, or points a gun at me without a darned good reason, the revolution will begin. It may not last long, but it will darned sure begin.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by dad45acp View Post
    Damn. Release the terrorist. We need a do over huh?
    Lets not forget that this whole thing DID NOT WORK! The cops did not find him because of the lockdown but rather in spite of it. As the kid was hiding outside the locked down area. It wasn't until the boat owner heard on the news that the lockdown was lifted and it was okay to go outside, that he went out and found the kid, called the cops and told them where to pick him up... The lockdown in fact hampered the capture of this suspect to go along with violating the rights of thousands of people.

    And you're right, that guy in the picture definitely is aiming his rifle at the guy with the camera, that is not good, not good at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPage View Post
    I see paranoia in many contributors to this thread and LEOs performing a difficult, dangerous and unnecessary task well. No one was hurt other than possibly their feelings that they had to put their hands up.
    fixed your post and please not that the way the bad guy was found was when the questionable martial law like atmosphere was abandoned and people were free to go about their business unimpeded by storm trooper like cops and army personnel on their streets and on their property

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