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The reason I wrote that mine is not an "assault rifle"; it is a hunting rifle is because the definition of an assault rifle is one that is either fully automatic or select fire. In other words they are Class III weapons that are already heavy regulated and require a tax stamp through BATFE and require BATFE to do a background check on you. The process to actually get an assault rifle generally takes about 6 months. So what 3 million "assault rifles" in the hands of citizens are you talking about? I try to educate and you give a cute sarcastic response.
You are quite correct in that and I am familiar with the terminology. However, "assault rifle" has become an almost accepted term for the generally legal semi auto clones of the military weapons so I went with that.

I will however never use the term "assault weapon" since that's leaving any logic behind and entering the realm of completely wanton ********... ;-)