When seconds count...More than 60 minutes away!?...WTH??
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Thread: When seconds count...More than 60 minutes away!?...WTH??

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    Thumbs down When seconds count...More than 60 minutes away!?...WTH??

    Dallas cops take over an hour to respond to an armed robbery 911 call...Wait until you hear the reason why.

    Dallas Cops Take an Hour to Respond to Armed Robbery ? and Wait Until You Hear the Reason Why | TheBlaze.com
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    The link doesn't go to the topic article.
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    Welcome to the world of police layoffs and government bankruptcy. As populations grow, the number of police does not.

    This made me remember an article in the news last year about our police in Denver. Their response time is growing each year due to number of calls versus number of available police officers on the street.
    Denver Police Response Time Slowing, Chief Calls It ?Alarming? CBS Denver

    Even Denver had about a 20 minute response time to 911 calls last year.

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    One hour and 20 minutes to respond to a robbery in progress. Wow... makes me wonder why we even call the police when something happens.

    Let all the sheeple call the police, when they are raped, mugged, robbed, beaten or killed; don't worry, your faithful police will be there whenever they feel like it. There is no reason for you to arm yourself, the police will take care of it. What a crock of bull puckey.
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    • Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    • Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    • Police have virtually no physical ability to protect individuals.

    The police don't protect individuals.

    The police draw chalk outlines around individuals who don't protect themselves.

    If you're not willing and able to protect YOURSELF, you're just not going to get protected at all. Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

  7. She got the address, so if you didn't get it all she could have still sent them to that address, another cover up.

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    Sometimes when I listen to 911 calls I really question the mentality of the operator, or at least, the ones who develop the protocols.

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    I got something that only takes .40 cal to respond in my holster. Helluva a lot better than an hour, dontcha think?

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    I could not understand much, but I listened to it only once and I got the address, 2 black males and heard the caller say I shot them or I shot at them twice. 911 is recorded and I am sure she was in a large dispatch center. No excuse, it was 911

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