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Thread: Flint Police came to my house today and......

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    Being that you are on private property, I don't see how it's any of their business what you're doing with a firearm or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    that may work out well for you but for many people the first few feet off the street in front of their homes is not their property, the local government has usually taken an easement or it is part of the right of way. most places have laws like we go here in FLA which are you can carry all you want on your property but take one step off your property and you could be in violation of the laws wherever it is you live.
    i live in florida and so long you have a permit you can carry off your property and printing or an occasional accidental exposure won't or shouldn't land you in jail.......i was doing yard work for a woman in another city and the neighbors across the way noticed mine when i was reaching up to cut back a bouganvilla plant they were both just standing by their door staring at me then i realize what they were noticing .. i pulled my shirt back down and smiled and waved and went back to work turning a bit so they couldn't see it when i finished up the trimming....printing and incidental exposures happen folks need to get a fricken grip .....

    to the op glad your cop encounter went well ..sucks some folks are so anal about guns and call cops and lie about folks they imagine are bad without any real reason to think it
    best wishes to all
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    CCW doesn't cancel out the right to open carry as my instructor said. WV is an open carry state. If in my yard or going to my mailbox, I have no problem open carrying. I see no reason to go concealed on my property and our state legislature agrees.

    I do not understand the aversion to seeing a little bit of gun when one can open carry if they wanted.

    I am sure it was an antigun liberal that called the police on the OP as he was doing yard work.

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    two words
    private property

    should have only been a drive by and no stop

  6. We'll done! I was a Deputy Sheriff and answered a similar call, same outcome, told him to be careful and have a good one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by neanderpaul67 View Post
    We'll done! I was a Deputy Sheriff and answered a similar call, same outcome, told him to be careful and have a good one...
    Im pleased with the outcome despite what allot of people on here may think. I didnt end up in handcuffs or in a body bag, so I am happy. I would have liked the caller to have said something to me themselves, but then again in todays day and age, Id use extreme caution approaching anyone regarding anything. People are losing their minds over crazy stuff **cough black Friday cough** Thanks for the post.
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