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    Colorado Sheriffs

    DENVER — All but 10 of Colorado’s 64 county sheriffs have signed onto a lawsuit aimed at blocking the Democratic gun control measures passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper back in March.

    The sheriffs have called a Friday morning news conference to detail their federal challenge, which is being led by the Independence Institute and its in-house Second Amendment expert Dave Kopel.

    In March when the bills became law, the Independence Institute promised a legal challenge, specifically to two new laws: one limiting the size of ammunition magazines and another law to expand gun background checks.

    “You can have sensible gun control laws that actually do protect public safety without infringing on people’s rights. These ridiculous new statutes are not in that category,” Kopel told FOX31 Denver earlier this year.

    The laws were passed earlier this year in response to mass shootings in Aurora and at a school in Connecticut. Not all sheriffs opposed the bills, but some were frequent visitors to the state Capitol in an effort to prevent the gun controls.

    Many opponents blasted Colorado lawmakers for listening to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, lobbied heavily in favor of the background checks and magazine limits legislation.

    “These laws didn’t come from Colorado,” Kopel said. “These laws are written by the Michael Bloomberg lobby, cookie cutter things that are pushed all over the country and in Congress — terribly mis-written laws by people who know very little about firearms or firearms laws.”

    On its website, the Independence Institute is asking supporters of the lawsuit for financial donations to help them move forward with the suit.

  3. Yes the brief is up on the NSSF website. 55 pages of legalese but if you can parse through if, good read. Hickenlooper is the sole named defendant which is odd. Every other suit of this nature (claims state law unconstitutional) that I've seen, the AG is also a named defendant since he or she is in charge of actually enforcing the law.

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