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Thread: Police target wrong house (again) and then kill veteran's dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricolordad View Post
    How about this, one who has the power to imprison others for breaking laws must be held to a higher level of accountability. Not that hard to get really, even for a cop groupie like you.

    Outlaw, you'd think for a groupie jackboot licker like deserteagle is, he would listen to you, a former LEO, just a little teeny weeny bit.
    Haha "boot licker". I love it. My own boots do taste great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post

    Cop does his job, cop doesnt make news, cop doesnt get mentioned on forums, nobody cares.
    Just like the rest of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    Killing a dog in the wrong house is definitely a screw up that needs repercussions. It is in no way acceptable.

    However, my point is that police rarely make the news for helping someone out or making a difference, or just plain doing their job correctly. So I have to laugh at the negative stories that get posted because in most cases, those are the only stories that make the news and get discussed in forums.
    Around here the cops get plenty of positive reinforcement when they do good things, like helping victims of the tornadoes. They deserve to be chastised equally when they do bad.
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    There are idiots, bad people, sociopaths etc. in every niche of society. The media is trying to get ratings. If a cop just does his job that isn't news unless there is a "hook" like saving a life, heroic rescue, helping with charities etc. If someone charged with enforcing the law breaks the law it's news, whether it be a judge, DA, cop, whatever.
    Those of you spouting percentages are kind of out there... I would say that how nice and good the general population of the cops are versus how evil and sociopathic is probably in direct proportion with the crime rates in their particular jurisdiction. Big city cop, gang violence, high violent crime area, lots of drug traffic, violent crimes every day etc. will in general respond differently to a situation than a suburban or rural cop. Is that right? no. I think the attitude of the precinct in general is influenced by these things and you might tend to get a "group-think" mentality where their training tends to lean one way or another, and they will respond as they have trained.
    I have seen plenty of cops doing good things, whether it's helping a lady change a tire or whatever, but those things aren't newsworthy.

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    Locally an off duty deputy shot and kill a dog because he thought a friendly dog was a threat to his children. So his kids get to watch a dog being shot and killed. The sheriff did nothing.
    A Durham man claims a Buncombe County sheriff’s deputy used excessive force when the off-duty officer shot and killed his dog at Catawba Falls in McDowell County.Deputy Jason Honeycutt has not been charged in the Feb. 10 incident and was not disciplined by his employer. The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office has investigated the case, and the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office conducted an internal investigation.
    “We don’t have any issue with what our officer did,” Lt. Randy Sorrells said. “He was protecting his children.”
    The owner of the dog, Scott Schulman, said it was unnecessary to shoot his 45-pound border collie mix. Nellie wouldn’t have harmed Honeycutt or his young children, Schulman said.
    “As a parent, I understand your impulse to protect your child and protect your children,” Schulman said.
    “His response was disproportionate and excessive.”
    Citizen-Times: off-duty Buncombe deputy shot, killed dog | Mountain Xpress | Asheville, NC

    Fast foward a few months:
    A Buncombe County deputy who was recently fired after being accused of driving while intoxicated now faces additional charges.
    The Asheville Police Department says new details have been uncovered in the investigation of Jason Honeycutt.
    According to a news release, Honeycutt contacted police last Friday morning to report and assault and that his vehicle was stolen.
    Honeycutt was charged with DWI later that morning at the hospital where he was being treated for minor injuries.
    Authorities now say they've found out his initial report was false. Honeycutt was taken into custody and charged with filing a false police report.

    He is set to appear back in court on August 7.
    Honeycutt was fired from the sheriff's office after the incident.
    New Charges For Buncombe Co. Deputy Who Was Fired After DWI Char - WSPA
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezkl2230 View Post
    In Grand Rapids, MI, we have a civilian oversight board that investigates incidents such as these.

    And for what it's worth, if you're home when police hit the wrong house, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that homeowners have the right to defend their home against unlawful entry by police using lethal force.
    Wait what? How the hell are you suppose to know if the police have a search warrant or not when they come kicking in your door? At the moment your door gets kicked in, you have no idea whether the search is lawful or not so how do you justify shooting at a cop knowing it's a cop? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

    A drug dealer looks out his window and sees cops approaching. Flushes all drugs and evidence down the toilet, mows down cops as they come through the door. Claims he wasn't doing anything illegal so there couldn't possibly have be a search warrant and his multiple homocides were justified. Assuming he lives, how does the law rule on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    The police are all over the news anytime something goes wrong. Much more than any other profession.

    Go to a restaurant and the cook screws up your order, not on TV. Go to the bank and they screw up your paperwork, not on TV. Cop screws something up, on TV.

    Random person who works in a cubicle for a living gets a DUI, not on TV. Off duty cop gets a DUI, all over TV, including his whole trial.
    There's a difference between bringing somebody over-easy instead of scrambled and kicking in his door and shooting his dog... Do you really think that if the cop wrote the wrong date on a speeding ticket it would make the news?

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