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Thread: Almost handed my weapons permit when stopped instead of DL to a charitable LEO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    And yet again another encounter in which a police officer finds out a law abiding citizen has a gun and nothing happens. No rights violated, no people pulled out at gun point, nobody harassed, and not even a speeding ticket.

    These encounters happen all the time and never make the news. It's nice to hear people like you share these stories.
    It's funny how that works isn't it? My MIL told me this morning that I was going to get shot if I got pulled over. Been pulled over 3 times in the last two years, haven't been shot, haven't gotten any tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    Minus being all over the news and online forums when they screw up.
    Yeah I see a lot of non police people on the news for screwing up too.
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    I've been stopped a few times and have had very good results with rolling down the windows so the officer can clearly see me and waiting with my hands on the wheel. One, not so good.

    One afternoon I was in Omaha from Colorado Springs to help my wife's brother move. I signaled into a right turn lane and as I did so the light turned yellow and most of know what happens EVERY time after a yellow light? Yes, you guessed it, the RED comes on. I don't need to look up to see the red light-it always comes on after yellow, there was no painted sign saying no turn on red, so I stopped, waited for all traffic to clear the intersection, then proceeded to turn right.

    10 seconds later a Sarpy County deputy was in my ass then in my face about not being able to read a simple sign. I really wanted to punch his face in. I couldn't figure what the **** he was so upset about so after signing the ticket went back around and discovered an electronic sign that came on a fraction of a second after the red light.

    So apparently we can't think for ourselves and we have to stare at the pole until the red light comes on, then wait til the 'no right turn' sign goes off before making a legal turn on red. Revenue grab, no other reason the put up a sign like that and then put an officer on the corner. Since then I've seen many more of those signs and depending on the area of the country, they may have been around much longer. I just hadn't seen that type of sign in KCMO, Colorado Springs, Des Moines or any other place I'd lived previously.

    That was in 2000 and I still would like to punch that assholeofficer in the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    Yeah I see a lot of non police people on the news for screwing up too.
    Do you see people whining and complaining about them on forums like this too?

  6. The really high tech areas use surveillance sats to time between hash marks on a clear day.

    When I lived in Annapolis, a Maryland state trooper chopper hovered over an area for extended periods so he could tell the officer he had a clear opening behind blah-blah speeder. Everyone speeds there, bumper to bumper, like a roller coaster ride.

    Glad I'm outta there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    I was thinking about that but the only marks I know of are the white center lines and a vehicle traveling at 81 MPH crosses those marks way too fast for somebody at 2000-3000 feet to count reliably.
    The State of Ohio has measured miles all over the state for air patrols to use. There are white lines extending outward from the white berm line that are at prescribed increments for speed calculation.
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