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Thread: Buying Bottled Water. "Freeze...Don't Move! You Are Under Arrest!!" ~ABC Agents~

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD13 View Post
    When I saw this early today, my first thought was 'What the hell is Bloomberg up to now?', then I saw it wasn't in NY for a change. Really over the top for water isn't it?
    My guess is the water must have come from a spring that is near fracking sites so they were suspicious the lady was trying to get high on "fracking residue".
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    Since Obama, Bloomberg and Cuomo, all little Hitlers, I fear for my country!
    Jim Page

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    Many years ago was robbed by a phony badge and Kojak lighted car, try jumping on my hood now and you will be shot off of same.

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    The thing that really gets me about this is that, even if the girls HAD been underage drinkers, that STILL would have been an incredibly overblown response! Do they give their cops meth before sending them out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPage View Post
    Since Obama, Bloomberg and Cuomo, all little Hitlers, I fear for my country!
    The problem as I see it is the – The folks that care are hardworking, get off work, have a few, maybe dinner and the 6 o’clock news. They do not have a full view of what is going on and maybe too tired paying taxes. The folks that are on the government take only want more from the nanny state. The folks with the ideology of the far left are so into their mind set that they do know what is going on and think they are on the right side.
    Last year while in the office of our financial adviser we were discussing options and I asked how my holdings of Gastapo were doing. He being under thirty-five asked what Gastapo was. His field of MBA had little to no schooling/learning in the bad people. He Googled it and he and I had an in depth discussion concerning these issues.
    Kids have no clue. Yea, I fear greatly for us.
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