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Thread: Man arrested for filming cops...Cops end up shooting his dog dead.

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    Where I come from the arrested individual would be under arrest for obstructing government administration when he failed to comply w LEOs during an active LE tactical operation...mostly for his safety and any others around the hot zone. The dog did a dumb dog thing and tried to bite someone w a gun. I feel bad that the dog had to be shot but the owner shouldnt be pointing ***** at cops during a tactical operation. That's learned in "How not to be a dumbass 101".

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    I saw this on the local news tonight along with the video being shot by someone else, almost like this clown expected to get harassed by the cops.

    Maybe it was the fact he has had several run ins with the law before. (per the news report)
    Maybe it was the issue of him rolling into the area of existing police action, rolled down his windows and cranked up his 'music' to the extent it was becoming a distraction to the police on scene. (per the news report)
    Maybe it was his yelling epithets at the police. (per the news report)

    What ever it was, his dog paid for his stupidity. All he had to do was leave the dog in the car with the windows rolled up enough to contain the animal. But that didn't seem to be his plan.

    Unfortunately the actions of the owner's interaction with the police led to the animal jumping out of the car and doing just what the owner expected the animal to do. What the owner didn't expect was the cops to defend themselves against the animal attack.

    But the dog paid for his loyalty. Now the owner want to cry fowl? The owner needs to be brought up on animal cruelty charges for putting his dog into that position in the first place.
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    Man arrested for filming cops...Cops end up shooting his dog dead.

    Sorry, I don't blame the cops at all for this. The guy is an idiot. Obviously there were several other people standing around filming...they didn't get harassed? The idiot was standing there yelling at the cops throughout the video while they were out on a call. That could easily be construed as obstruction. They didn't shoot the dog right away, like I've seen several cops do before. Maybe they should have tried OC first, but they waited until the dog lunged at them first before they fired. Cops have just as much right to self defense as we do.

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    Don't shoot the dog. Argue justification all you want, most police department protocols today have other containment options as first option, not gunfire. You may have to shoot the dog but it can't be the first option.

    This guy will win and win big on the film issue. There is a case on its way to SCOTUS from a group of Yale students who filmed New Haven CT PD hassling some college drunks and were arrested and had their equipment destroyed. The students have won in every level of the court system including Federal Circuit Court. Their arrests were voided and they have filed several other lawsuits. Now it is going to SCOTUS, if they take it. The students also won an undisclosed settlement from the already broke New Haven, CT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I'm surprised that the issue of filming police in the performance of their duties hasn't yet come before the Supreme Court.

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    The Supremes have already ruled on this problem last year: Supreme Court declares right to film police is protected under First Amendment
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I'm surprised that the issue of filming police in the performance of their duties hasn't yet come before the Supreme Court.

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    It has, the SCOTUS has ruled that public employees do not have an expectation of privacy in performance of their duties.

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    I just saw the video on Facebook for the first time. Yeah, the police were wrong to arrest him, but the police were right to shoot the dog. Hell, if a Rottweiler were running at me like that, I would've shot him too.

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    Before seeing the video I was thinking "wow that's just wrong!"

    After watching the video I believe the dog paid the ultimate price because his owner is an idiot

    Sympathy for the dog.
    No sympathy for the dumbass
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    After getting some background information my opinion still hasn’t changed.

    It comes down to whether or not the police were justified in detaining him. If they were then the dog’s death is ultimately the result of whatever action he took that justified his detainment.

    If they weren’t justified in detaining him them their shooting of the dog arose from circumstances they themselves wrongfully created. That would be like a cop entering my fenced in back yard without my permission and then shooting my dog just because it was in the yard and defended its territory.

    Regardless of who is at fault I don’t believe the guy deliberately set out to get his dog killed and I also think he could have done more to restrain the dog.
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    After reading and watching this it seems this man was deliberately seeking an "encounter" with the police. Most people, if they pursue an encounter with law enforcement, will be successful. Particularly when LE is involved with another ongoing situation. I don't know if this stop was solely due to "filming." Maybe, maybe not, I doubt it. Anyway, it sure looks to me like this guy sought out this encounter, got what he wanted, and then HIS dog, which he is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR, got out of control and attacked an officer (and this did not happen on this man's private property). No way am I going let a dog like that get a hold of me. I would have shot it also, though I would not have liked doing it one bit. From what I see of this story so far, I'm doubting he gets much of a settlement, if any, nor (with what I understand so far) do I think he deserves one. Unfortunate for the dog. I have a Rottie, and she's a wonderful creature, but any consequences of any of her actions are SOLELY my responsibility.

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