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Thread: Police detain driver then search his vehicle without his consent at DUI checkpoint.

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    He would do society more good as a garbage man anyways.
    I doubt if you could get him to be a garbage man. A garbage collector has very little authority to exert over the public, the garbage collector performs more of a public service to those they serve every single day with no recognition whatsoever (there are plenty of "badge bunnies" and "badge polishers" to lift the officer onto his/her pedestal but I have never heard of a garbage collector groupie), and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics the garbage collector is more likely to die on the job than police officers are. When was the last time you thanked your garbage collector for contributing to your family's health and welfare every week?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    These officers clearly have some issues and should not be doing the job anymore.

    As for the guy with the camera, if he didn't want to go through a DUI checkpoint and be confronted by police, he should have no chosen to do so. They always give drivers warning about checkpoints and they have to leave drivers an alternative route. This guy wanted to go through one and wanted to get his rights violated. He chooses to go through a DUI checkpoint and start a confrontation with not cooperating with officers, who also have ego problems.

    I'd say all the people in this video are idiots.
    Maybe he lives on that road. Were the cops to put a DUI checkpoint on the highway going out of town, then I would have no choice but to be hassled even though I rarely drink and only do so at home anyways.

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    I've been through DUI checkpoints and DL and Insurance checkpoints about a dozen times in my life and I have never seen or been offered an alternate route before I got to one. Now maybe they have them in other states and I've just never seen'em.
    But what would be the point of an alternate route? If your drunk go this way so you won't get a DUI. Now REALLY?
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