Yes I use to be one, but the truth is most cops are corrupt, even if you dip down to the free meals the wearing of the uniform into a store hoping for a discount then move up to this person pissed me off so I will issue multiple citations. The reason higher ups tolerate the small infractions of patrol officers is that the administrators participate in larger types of graft. oh but there are good cops out there, that is what they are paid to be and in a lot of states where they get 75 to 95% of salary in retirement, and in some states what is refered to as a drop program where individual officers sick leave and annual leave is used by the state as a alleged investment and then 5 years later on retirement day the officer gets 3 hundred thousand dollars plus the monthly check. For regular working people what a retirement deal, oh but they put their lives on the line so does the military retiree who now may have spent 8 or 12 years in a combat zone and they really put their lives on the line and get no retirement benefits like a lot of cops do, granted some states have a pitiful retirement but Florida , California New York much of the country cops have a better retirement than those that work for thirty years and their retirement consists of Social Security