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Thread: Off duty cop "pulls his firearm" on innocent clerk "twice"! WTH!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    He's lucky that clerk didn't take a weapon from under the counter and shoot that drunk cop in the head, while he was fumbling around with the weapon, then deal with other cop, who would have drawn also.
    This reminds me of an interview with a sheriff in the south. He was asked by a news journalist what it would take for a CC holder to draw his weapon and fire it. The sheriff answered, "point a gun at him"
    I'll guarantee if you were drunk and pointed a gun at a sober cop, you would be dead.
    A cop pointed a weapon at a clerk to eff around with him. That would be a one way ticket to the morgue in some stores.
    BTW, that was some incredibly incriminating video. The other cop in the green vest should have intervened more than he did.
    You are 100% correct!
    This 'former' LEO should be locked up for at least 3-5 years imvho.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rich M View Post
    He was arrested.
    "The Pima County Sheriff’s Department notified Tucson police that 23-year-old Kyle James McCartin was arrested early Tuesday on two counts of aggravated assault."
    In many states it is an add on felony charge to wear body armor while committing a crime.
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    1. Wishful thinking, and not necessarily fair, but if it were up to me there would be no 23 year old police officers. At least 25.
    2. I believe aggravated assault is at least a class 3 felony in AZ. I hope the DA does not allow a plea down in this case. It would be good (for the community and for the LE agency) for this punk to spend some time behind bars, and leave with the term "convicted felon" as an appurtenance to his name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    In many states it is an add on felony charge to wear body armor while committing a crime.
    How dare we make it harder for cops to kill us! I did not know that it was a felony, but I did know it was a multiplier. Does that include gel armor? I keep a vest over the back of my truck seat just in case I mistakenly get Dornered. I doubt most cops would even know what it was even if they were holding it.

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