sticky situation, but pleasant LEO
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Thread: sticky situation, but pleasant LEO

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    sticky situation, but pleasant LEO

    So I went to the range and took a truck from the family owned business to haul be and a buddy and all the stuff their.
    Did my usually deal and locked all doors and the alarm off so I could remotely open the door and pull in and do all my cleaning indoors before leaving in my car.

    Turns out my father stopped by and turned the alarm on because of suspicious activity in the parking lot. I came opened the garage and set the alarm off.

    I heard a knock hard on the garage 5 min later and lucky avoided my instinct to holster a gun before answering the door out.

    Turns out it was a cop and had to explain how I triggered the alarm and what I was doing with a truck full of guns. Worst part is my ID was on the tailgate in the back.

    The lady cop was very understanding and even asked me what I shot. She checked out my ID and my story matched and left saying "I be off so you can clean your guns and be on your way."

    +1 for pleasant experience that could of ended up with me spread eagle on the ground

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    Teach Dad to text, unless you managed a date with the LEO. Good way to avoid these events in the future. I am glad things worked out.


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