Re-occurring SWAT raid's on Innocent Civilian's.
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Thread: Re-occurring SWAT raid's on Innocent Civilian's.

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    Post Re-occurring SWAT raid's on Innocent Civilian's.

    WND has been reporting on the trend to militarize local police departments for more than a decade. Here is a list of reports on the trend, which recently has begun to garner significant additional attention:

    WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah wrote in a 1998 column titled “The cops are out of control” that while in years past seeing a police officer gave him a sense of security, it was no longer the case because of recent actions at the time by SWAT teams.

    WND reports on SWAT raids on the innocent
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    Someone wrote the other day that about the trouble we are in when the first police response is now more militarized/swat response to any violent encounter. Automatically bringing out the big guns and vehicles armored and armed, too much overkill/over response to any violence.
    It is supposed to be a police department not some special force designed to foster abhorrent fear in the citizens so they will cower in fear and abide by their orders no matter how unconstitutional they may be.
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    We are in seriously deep kim-chi folks... the civilian police have been co-opted by FedGov with free goodies (automatic weapons, military vehicles, high level body armor, etc) that small and medium size forces could not and would not afford. But alas... free...??? Gotta take that type of swag; and if we take it, we have to use it, and if we use it, we have to make it count.

    "Moral Hazard" = It doesn't matter who gets hurt or dead cause we are immune from most prosecution and besides, the folks are paying for any financial settlements due to our wrong doing... so, just what can possibly be the downside of our tyrannical, authoritarian actions? Let's terrorize the citizenry with machine pistols over our suspicion of two or 3 pot plants, we'll make warrantless raids because we think a fugitive could be there, and wow, we just killed an innocent because he didn't put his hands up quickly enough to assuage my trigger finger... oh well, my bad (but my pension is still intact).

    All of this is just practice for full fledged jack-boot oppression. Don't believe that a reign of terror is close at hand - just read the headlines!
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