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Thread: Zimmerman pulled over in Texas for speeding

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    Really -gun in the glove compartment -Florida has reciprocity with Texas. Told the office he had it -Texas is a must inform state.

    Don't see anything wrong here -move along.
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  3. You would wonder that he would want to stay low key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vernsimpson View Post
    I had dinner last night with a couple who were my neighbors 20 years ago. They are libs but I really did not know just how gullible they were until we got to talking about GZ. The wife said that GZ "got away with murder"! Then proceeded to tell us that they had staged a fake rescue to make GZ look good. I said to them that they COULD NOT REALLY BELIEVE THAT! They then said that that was what "they" said. It was a good thing that we had finished dinner because I could not take any more. I then told my wife that it was time to go and then got up and left.

    This is why we are in trouble in this country. We have to many people who take whatever the lib-o-rat media says as gospel!! I fully expect the media to blow this all out of proportion and want the trooper to be fired. I really feel sorry for GZ. The libs will never let him have any peace. The libs are rabid that they could not get his scalp!!!

    I wish we could do more to help George!!
    What I do when people spout off like your neighbors... Tell them to stop watching MSNBC and start thinking for themselves. If they get all butt hurt about it then fine, I don't want to be around them anyway. Good for you for leaving.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

  5. Zimmerman pulled over in Texas for speeding

    In other news, millions of Americans took a ***** today.......

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    When I saw this story I couldn't understand why it was even reported. GZ was found not guilty by the jury; therefore, his Constitutional rights remain undiminished in any way. If there is anyone who requires a gun for self-defense it is Zimmerman. He has every real bigot in the country out to kill him. He actually needs his own security detail that should be paid to by the special prosecutor's office in Florida. I would also be interested in who released this video. I really don't know of any safe refuge for GZ after the hatchet job that was done by the media.

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    i think the reason the case has caused such strong arguments that doesnt usually result in someone coming to your side of thinking is people are talking about two different things.what i mean is the innocent crowd speaks of his innocence due to the law not being broken and he was within his rights.

    on the other side is the emotional side.people focus on following/observing someone based on (fill in whatever you want) and all the other reasons that have been cited.

    so a person will not necessarly change there view by being presented with information that dont have anything to do with why they favor guilt or innocence.

    i believe it explains the juror who now says he was guilty.she did her job as a juror and looked at the facts but outside of her job she was given she is in the emotional camp who presented with the same facts would always of said guilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    He also told him not to touch it. It was in the truck's glovebox.
    I heard when he got out of the car and started following the officer it was more along the lines of "I don't need you to do that...."

    I wonder how many hundreds, if not thousands of people get pulled over for speeding every day in Texas? Why is Zimmerman newsworthy?
    Ratings. His case draws emotional reactions from people and emotions equal ratings.

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