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    Positive LEO Encounter

    A funny thing happened the other day here in North Georgia when I went into my local gun shop to pick up a stripped AR-15 lower I had ordered from an out-of-state manufacturer. I was getting ready to leave and I remembered I was a little low on pistol ammunition, so I asked the clerk for a box of .40-cal Critical Defense. When he went to get it, a guy about my age turns to me and introduces himself as a police officer from a neighboring town and says that he overheard me asking for that ammo. He said he didn't want to butt in, but his department had tested that ammo along with several others recently, and that they ultimately settled on the Critical Duty because they had serious problems with the Critical Defense not penetrating car window glass reliably. I asked him about his off-duty carry and he said he always carries a Glock .45, and we had a light-hearted conversation over the merits of striker fire, external safeties and composite pistols. He wished me luck with my AR build and I thanked him for the info and purchased the ammo he recommended. There's always a few bad apples in any group, but around here anyway, it seems like practically everyone carries and firearms are an accepted part of the culture.

  3. Awesome, I like to hear things like this and yeah you're right their are a few out there isn't bad and or stuck up. Theirs a good friend on mine that live one block from me he's a LEO and we talk about guns and trucks and everything.

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    We always hear about the bad ones but rarely hear about the good ones. We need more stories about the good ones. Hopefully they will out number the bad ones when SHTF!!!!

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    Thanks for posting

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