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    I spoke with a woman today who was off the wall about being stopped. The LEO stated she had ran 2 different stop signs. After stating the reason for the stop, he asked the woman for her License, Registration and Insurance. When the woman informed the LEO that she didn't have and insurance card do to letting her insurance lapse, the LEO wrote her a ticket and informed her that her vehicle would be impounded. Then the LEO informed the woman that he wasn't searching her car, but had to do a inventory of the items within the car. The LEO searched the entire car from head to toe, under seats, glove box, center console etc. Also of note, the woman wasn't arrested.

    I told the woman to take a clue from Russia and start driving with a working video recorder in her car. And that the next time she's pulled over by an LEO, flip her phone on and hit record.

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    Was the car impounded?
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    None of this would have occurred if; a) she didn't run 2 stop signs, b) kept the insurance in force.
    If the car was in fact impounded then an inventory was needed to satisfy most state statutes.
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    Really? Insurance is mandatory in WI as well, but they don't take your vehicle, deduct points or "not" search your vehicle about lapsed insurance and missed stop signs. Sounds like she should have called a lawyer while the officer was waiting for the tow truck. Maybe it would have gone down differently if she had been carrying. The two aholes with badges around here treat me a lot better when they can see my gun. It's silly because I always have a gun on me, whether you can see it or not. SMH

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