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Thread: Off-duty LEO encounter

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    If he wanted to see your mental/physical status..he could have observed you. No need to yell out. You were in the process of two legal activities.

    Why conceal if you don't want to? There is no law that says you have to, why should you be subjected to more scutiny if you do? You notice the OP didn't even say the LEO asked to see his HCP.

    In TN the only place you can't enter as it relates to alcohol is a place that serves alcohol for onsite consumption.

    At the very least he could have struck up a "normal" conversation with you and observed you without your even knowing that is what he was doing maybe.

    Just my $.02 worth
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  3. My be he just wanted a beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    I was on my way home one evening from a wedding (therefore, I was dressed up). It was hot, so I had taken off my suit jacket for the remainder of the evening. I had not been drinking, but once I arrived at home, I planned to have a couple of adult beverages. Not having any in the fridge, I stopped at a convenience store on the way to the house. As is typical, I strapped in the IWB and walked in, relying on my slightly billowed dress shirt to partially conceal me. I grabbed my box of adult beverages and proceeded to the counter, while greeting the off-duty LEO, whom I see often (local stores employ off-duties as evening security). Paying for my beverages, I'm approached by the guy, who not so quietly whispers at me, "Why are you carrying a gun while you're buying beer?" My reply was along the lines of, "Because I always carry my gun, I haven't been drinking, and I'm not opening this beer until I am inside my house."

    I understand his concern, but was this a necessary thing to do? Should he have 'outed' me in front of a quite busy store? Why even bring up the point when possessing beer is completely legal, so long as it's not open?

    Please comment and make suggestions! Thanks....
    My answer would have been, " because I can."
    'Don't draw fire; it irritates the people around you.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Next time just conceal the bloody thing.

    I know that "Open Carry" is legal, but it's not always in our best interest to display all our cards at the first showing. As far as the LEO being rude or outing you, I don't think so.

    If you are going to Open Carry, and that is not a "normal custom" in your locality you should be prepared to be questioned about it.


    +1. We do not have open carry in Texas. At least not yet. That is why I like concealed. I perfer to keep the fact that I have a weapon known to as few people as possable.
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    If the convenience store/gas station needs an armed security guard, then that alone sounds like a pretty good reason to carry a handgun when making any purchase there.

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    Open carry....only when necessary

    I carry concealed wherever I'm legally allowed to. The only time I'll "open carry" is when it's necessary (job related, shooting competition, etc). Many folks "panic" when they see a gun. What better way to have a erroneous "man with a gun" call by carrying "open" while holding alcohol. Any "anti gunner" would love to take the opportunity to call 911 and report "a man with a gun and a 6-pack". At this point, LEO will respond, and though you may not be charged, it will take up a lot of your time and cause unnecessary stress. If carrying on person isn't practical, I'll place my firearm in my fanny pack. Some folks will be suspect of the fanny pack, but there's no definite indication that there's a firearm in there.

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    Open carry

    is fine if that is your only option. Open carry is not a option here in the empire state of NY. IMO, it is at a disadvantage compared to concealed carry. In an armed robbery, you could be spotted and become the first target while the place is being sized up. Keep your element of surprise.

    Keep it hidden, keep it safe.


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    It mostly seems like

    open carry is a personal choice (where allowed by law obviously). While you give up quite a bit tactically of course, it does serve a useful purpose in building awareness that some among the masses are engaging in exercising their rights. Notice that there are two types of stories told about this practice though. In the first type, people freak out, call the cops, store management, business owner or whatever. In the second type, people around you just...well, they just do nothing. Or maybe ask what load you carry or how you selected that model/type. The second group got that way because they are used to the presence of personal weapons. The first type of folks will never get that way if you keep hiding ALL the time.

    Personally, I rarely carried open since I almost always wore a jacket or coat and didn't want anyone thinking I was partially concealing, just proved too difficult to wear outside all the clothes. So for me, it was mostly at the range and occasionally around the house.

    Do what is right for YOU.
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    Talking I agree ecocks,

    personal choice is absolutely correct. We all make a personal choice to carry weapons for what ever reason. For me it's for the protection of myself and my family. For this reason I want every edge and it's to my advantage to conceal the weapon until it becomes necessary to present it. I don't want to appear a threat to a BG or anyone else. If there is a time when open carry is my only option I will practice it. I don't disagree that open carry may have a positive effect on the non-carrying and for those that wish to be good ambassadors of the carry community and still have the sidearm available for protection it is their choice.


  11. Does that mean I can carry my M4 across my chest while shopping.

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