Off-duty LEO encounter
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Thread: Off-duty LEO encounter

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    Off-duty LEO encounter

    I was on my way home one evening from a wedding (therefore, I was dressed up). It was hot, so I had taken off my suit jacket for the remainder of the evening. I had not been drinking, but once I arrived at home, I planned to have a couple of adult beverages. Not having any in the fridge, I stopped at a convenience store on the way to the house. As is typical, I strapped in the IWB and walked in, relying on my slightly billowed dress shirt to partially conceal me. I grabbed my box of adult beverages and proceeded to the counter, while greeting the off-duty LEO, whom I see often (local stores employ off-duties as evening security). Paying for my beverages, I'm approached by the guy, who not so quietly whispers at me, "Why are you carrying a gun while you're buying beer?" My reply was along the lines of, "Because I always carry my gun, I haven't been drinking, and I'm not opening this beer until I am inside my house."

    I understand his concern, but was this a necessary thing to do? Should he have 'outed' me in front of a quite busy store? Why even bring up the point when possessing beer is completely legal, so long as it's not open?

    Please comment and make suggestions! Thanks....
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    He was probably concerned to see if you had been drinking while carrying. When you replied correctly he no doubt was able to notice the absence of alcoholic reek coming from you, so everything was OK. Not sure about 'outing you' where he did, but I guess everything turned out OK though?

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    Yeah, everything turned out fine. He explained to me after I had finished my transaction that it was a "common sense" thing....I don't see it that way, but OK. I see him quite often, but I'm usually always concealed. Due to my clothing, I was carrying slightly open that evening (both CC and OC are legal in TN). Other LEO's off duty will usually pat me on the back when I walk in and give a knowing wink when they feel cold steel. That's always followed up with, "I was afraid you weren't carrying...I just wanted to make sure. You still got my back if TSHTF?" This guy is fairly new to the area, so I guess I just hadn't established a repor with him.....

    I still am pretty miffed that he outed me so openly, though. Oh well....
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    I can't agree with this if he was load about it and really OUTED you to everyone, but if it was quietly done, I don't see a problem with it. He didn't sound like he was giving you a hard time, but more sounding concerned.
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    I guess I can understand him politely checking with you. I do think he should have been more discrete about it. As you stated, you were doing nothing wrong. If he wanted to check your current mental clarity, he should have quietly asked you if your were in compliance with the handgun carry laws. Or something like that.

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  7. I agree, he should have been more tactful, especially since he had seen you there several times before. Sorry Off Duty LEO, you were rude!

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  8. Next time just conceal the bloody thing.

    I know that "Open Carry" is legal, but it's not always in our best interest to display all our cards at the first showing. As far as the LEO being rude or outing you, I don't think so.

    If you are going to Open Carry, and that is not a "normal custom" in your locality you should be prepared to be questioned about it.


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    Sounds like you work with LEOs on a consistent basis or somehow know them?

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    I agree I think the LEO could have been more discreet in voicing his concerns.

  11. In some states it is illegal to inter liquor store armed.

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