Man arrested for reporting MWAG!
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Thread: Man arrested for reporting MWAG!

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    Man arrested for reporting MWAG!

    This was in Connecticut....

    Hartford Courant

    GLASTONBURY A man who became alarmed when he saw a man carrying a gun inside the TD Bank at 2461 Main St. last Thursday afternoon was himself charged with breach of peace because he shook up bank staff.

    The teller and other bank staff became alarmed, activated their robbery protocol and called police, Szydlo said. Police figured out who had the gun and determined he possessed it legally. They also tracked down Gursky, interviewed him, then charged him with breach of peace.

    He was released on a promise to appear in court Sept. 25. Gursky declined to comment on Monday.
    Bwahahaha! About time!
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    Ignorance is bliss! If the antigunners would take the time to understand laws instead of making assumptions.

  4. So, yelling "GUN" in a bank is as bad as yelling "FIRE" in a movie theater.

    I like this.
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    I'm shocked that finally some common sense LE has been achieved concerning firearms. What blew me away was that it happened in CT. Really??? Way to go Gastonbury PD.
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    Might have to go visit CT after all. Stationed in Groton for a bit years ago but might have to return. Or once does not a trend make........? Great Post CMDR!
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