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I am in full agreement. We truly have a crisis in law enforcement and there is no relief in sight. No matter what the circumstances, a government that has declared war on its citizens is truly out of control.
Relief? There will be no relief as long as the current agenda of the US government continues to view citizens as subjects. Look at the current mindset, the government has been caught and had to admit that they are violating almost every citizens rights by capturing all phone conversations, and electronic communications from text messages to email. Additionally they have broken the encryption (SSL) used to secure connections to websites to protect personal and financial information.

The governments response is basically to flip every citizen in the country off, and state they will continue to capture what they want.

George Bush called the constitution "that g - d piece of paper" because it limited his power to start wars. I'm pretty damn sure at Obama has said the same thing as he hates the thoughts of freedoms for his subjects.