Makes you wonder.
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Thread: Makes you wonder.

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    Makes you wonder.

    Fed-Up NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera to Find Out Who Was Repeatedly Stealing His Pro-Gun Sign ? What He Discovered Blew Him Away |
    A man in Somers, N.Y., hatched a plan to catch the individual responsible for allegedly stealing his pro-gun signs repeatedly from his front yard. He bought a trail cam, set it up near the sign — and then waited.
    When he learned that his sign had been taken yet again, he was elated because he knew he had finally caught the person responsible on camera.
    He just didn’t expect that person to be a uniformed police officer.
    Assuming the photos are entirely authentic, a police officer with the Somers Police Department appears to have been caught on camera ripping the sign, which reads: “Protect the Second Amendment,” from the man’s front yard. It wasn’t immediately clear if the police officer had removed the sign previously too or if the action was ordered by Somers PD.

    TheBlaze has left messages with the Somers Police Department as well as the man who claims his signs were removed from his property on multiple occasions.
    Here’s the photo evidence, which the man posted on the pro-gun forum on Monday (also notice the timestamps of the photos):
    Makes you wonder what LEO's do with their spare time, huh.
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    "Too protect and serve"


    "Too punish and enslave"
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    Officer Bloomberg, is that you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogshawred View Post
    Makes you wonder what LEO's do with their spare time, huh.
    Apparently they have too much spare time if they have the time to go around stealing signs.
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    I thought they ate donuts in their spare time.

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    They need to spend more time at the practice range since they can't seem to hit anything but bystanders.
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