When the police tell you to "drop your weapon"...Drop your weapon!
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Thread: When the police tell you to "drop your weapon"...Drop your weapon!

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    Arrow When the police tell you to "drop your weapon"...Drop your weapon!

    A career criminal broke into an East Dallas home on Thursday night, thinking the homeowner had died and his belongings were there for the taking, police said. But the homeowner, William Keith Hall, wasn’t dead. He shot the burglar, Jerry Wayne Hale, then stood over him with his firearm in hand, police said. When police arrived, Hall 'reportedly' pointed his 9 mm pistol at them and at witnesses. Officers ordered Hall to drop his weapon and when he refused, they fatally shot the 57-year-old man.

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    No tears for Hale, a career criminal/thug, good riddance. Hall seems to have been a troubled person. Can't understand his actions. Did he choose death by Cop? With the story as related, can't fault the officers here.

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    I think the PD is pretty clean on this one. No doubt, Mr. Hall was experiencing issues of one type or another.
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    Fully understand officer response.

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    If you get pointed at by someone with a loaded gun and order them to drop it (police or no), and they don't, you have a legitimate self-defense case for shooting them.
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