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I'm thankful to know that not all cops have adopted this mentality. I have an airsoft Desert Eagle that didn't come with an orange tip. When I was running around the woods in a city park (not too far from the bad part of Minneapolis) playing airsoft with some friends, and some concerned neighbor called the cops and reported "a bunch of shady looking kids with guns" the responding officer thankfully didn't drop me, but instead approached in a way that we could all see him, and calmly asked what we were doing. I'm sure he was on high alert mentally, but instead of coming at us yelling, he resolved the situation quickly, quietly and effectively by NOT freaking out and then telling us we should probably find some private property to do that on. He was a bit surprised that a bunch of guys in their 20s would be playing airsoft though. This was about 6-7 years ago.
6-7 years ago one was safer doing that than one is today... in todays warrior cop environment it's quite likely you'd simply be "put down". After all, LEO's fearing for their lives, trumps your right to live.