This was a bit uncomfortable to see. This is exactly the way my father dealt with me. Trouble was it was in the 50's and I was in elementary school. My school buddies signed my year book "Happy Beatings". But the difference was is that this sort of thing was not a crime in the 50's. The trouble is that this fat faced piece of crap may only get a max of 7 years. Where is the justice. Just guessing by the mugshot this fat piece of crap probably is a pig. He will get bail and the entire thing will be under the rug. When he goes to beat his daughter again she may blow his fat pig face head off and then she will be charged with murder. People like this need to be stripped down to their pudgy little butts and beat along a ten mile long gauntlet until his pudgy little butt bleeds like mine used to. You're damned right...I will throw the first lash...then the 2nd and third and so on.