The Drift Towards Despotism
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Thread: The Drift Towards Despotism

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    The Drift Towards Despotism

    Link to excellent article by Mark Steyn on NRO. His point is more than validated by recent events, and trends of events. Disturbing and saddening.
    The Drift toward Despotism | National Review Online

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    Mark Steyn summarized what most on this forum have been saying. All governments have a natural tendency to move from liberty to tyranny. Even our founders were aware that this was likely to happen because of the evil nature of men and their unquenchable thirst for power. The founders provided us with the greatest governing documents in history, checks and balances, and a remedy for a government overstepping its limits. The Second Amendment was the final remedy for a government approaching tyranny.

    What they were unable to foresee was the evil, insidious nature of progressivism and its hypnotic appeal to the greedy and exceedingly ignorant. We have far too many of citizens who are lazy, greedy, and feel that others should supply them not only with the necessities of life but the luxuries. This same group of people seem to revel in ignorance and their totally amoral lifestyle. The inexorable decline of the U.S. greatness runs parallel with the decline in morality, belief in God, thirst for knowledge, and pioneering spirit.

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