Here's my LEO experience
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  1. Here's my LEO experience

    A few years ago i used to hang out at a strip club. I rarely drank, and would always wait at least 3 hours for the alcohol to leave my system before driving. I would lock my pistol in the glove box while in the bar, or club. One night while leaving the club i was pulled over, i pulled into a shopping center that was closed for the night. The LEO took my ID and CCW, asked where my firearm was, i told him. He then asked me to get out of the vehicle, because while i did not smell like liquor, my eyes were red. He proceeded to give me a field sobriety test, without ever patting me down, or asking me to lift my shirt to make sure i was not in fact armed. He also turned his back to me several times while displaying how he wanted me to do the test. If i had been armed, and a bad guy, that officer would have been in danger. I was let go without any citations after passing the FST's.

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    ell telling the cop after that he made bad judgement in turning his back mite have help him the next time he pulled some one over.

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