Bad LEO encounter. no guns, and not me.
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Thread: Bad LEO encounter. no guns, and not me.

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    Bad LEO encounter. no guns, and not me.

    this happened to a close friend of mine 2 days ago in cook county in the chicago area. I asked her if I could post it and she said yes and said that people need to know about it.

    so to start the story she is visiting a cousin in the chicago area. a few days ago she checked her bank account to find that her checks had been stolen and over $4000 had been spent. she made some calls and talked with the police in the area where she lives, as well as the police in cook county. as it turns out they had pictures of the person in a few stores using her checks. these pictures were faxed to cook county and she went in to the station to take a look. she went into one of those private rooms in the station with a large male officer who was showing her the pictures. she recognized the person in the pictures as one of her friends. some friend... then she said it happened so fast while she was looking at the pictures. she felt the officer's hand on her inner thigh... then the hand grabbed her.... yes... there... she was so shocked and offended. she ***** slapped the officer hard enough to leave a red mark. she then got up and stormed out of the room and was met by 2 officers that were outside. she started screaming and the large officer piped up with "she just hit me". my friend screamed at the 2 officers "that m***** ******** touched me". the large officer said.. "I did not lay a hand on her, she just hauled off and hit me". my friend then said, "don't listen to him, and don't listen to me, I know you have video in there so look at the video and see for yourself". they then took her to another room while they checked the video. an officer came in about 15 minutes later and said, "you were right" to my friend. they then told her that this officer would be put on leave to which my friend replied, "no, he will be going to jail because I am pressing charges". she then met with the chief of police who she said was very nice and very apologetic. that "officer" ended up behind bars before my friend left the station. he now faces sexual assault charges and the chief said that she does not even have to go through the hastle of coming to court seeing as how it is all on video. what a freaking sick twisted sorry excuse for a man.. as if I needed more reasons not to trust cook county cops. she did want me to, however, commend the chief for how he handled the situation. he said that he will not stand for such behavior on the force.

    my friend said she could kick herself for not thinking and asking for a female officer. which yes, she could do that, but a person who is sworn in as an officer to protect and serve... shouldn't we be able to trust these people? and who knows how many times this idiot has done something like this before. and trying to play it off as if nothing happened.. flat out lying to fellow officers about what happened. this absolutely sickens me. and the fact that it happened to a very close friend of mine sickens me even more. I am just very glad that the cameras were rolling and pray that this idiot gets what he deserves. he is a low life criminal who tried to abuse his power as an officer. well he tried to abuse it with the wrong girl this time. thank you to the chief of police and the state's attorney for having no tolerance for this.
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    Lucky the cameras were on AND recording. In many places the cameras don't record anything unless it's an interview with a suspect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Lucky the cameras were on AND recording. In many places the cameras don't record anything unless it's an interview with a suspect.

    that's what I was thinking.. and soooo greatful that they were on while she was in there
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  5. This cop is not only a low-life, but must be a complete idiot with the cameras rolling!

    Your friend shouldn't beat herself up for not requesting a female officer to attend her. I agree that ANY sworn officer of the law should be trustworthy in such a situation, and assault is the last thing someone in her position should have thought of!
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    Nothing that happens in Daily World would surprise me. When the corruption is from the top down this is what you get. That is a very evil, decadent group of officials.
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    Is there not a news story to go along with this? Seems like such an instance would garner a TON of media attention.
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    Exclamation this story should end...

    City of Chicago settles for undisclosed amount...followed by police commisioner, capt., lt., and officers put on suspension without pay pending investigation...followed by happily ever after

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    Thats terrible.

    I cant imagine the trauma that young lady feels after having that creep officer feel her up with his franky spankers

  10. Is there any proof that this happened, or are you just a cop bashing troll?

    If this did happen I would be one of the first to want to string the badge toting thug up with a rope. However, what proof do you have that it happened? Right now it's a "He said, She said" case, and I HATE those. "Smoking Gun" cases are more to my liking.

    As far as corruption in Chicago, that's nothing new, but there are a lot of good, honest, hardworking Cops in Chicago too. BTW: I'm a LEO, but notice I'm not defending anybody here. I'm just asking for proof.


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    Uhmmm... You read the part about it being on videotape?
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