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Thread: Pulled over with handgun in glove box

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    I got stopped in Ohio and the officer didnt even want to see my gun. He let me go with a warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    There are thousands of people with this same deal that live up North but have Winter homes in Florida. The 10 day deal applies to you becoming a resident which normally means "permanent" resident. If you have homes in both locations you choose one to be your permanent resident, normally the one you spend the most time at. I ran into the same thing several years ago when I was working temporaly in a diferent state.

    Key on these factors.
    Do you still own the other home
    Do you still have the utilities turned on
    Does anyone live in the other home
    Do you regularly go to the other home
    Do you still receive mail at the other address
    Where is your car insurance listed as primary address
    Where do you vote
    Where do you put down as your primary residence for IRS and state taxes (if any)
    Where are your car tags listed

    All these things are important and if you have homes in CA and ID but move from one to the other you have to choose one to be your permanent address. Just like the "Snowbirds" that move from NJ to FL every winter you don't have to get a FL license if you don't intend to be there for most of the year.
    All good points but since I will live in each place close to half a year (2 or 3 months at a time), based on the way the laws are written, they require me to get a drivers license each place each time I change locations. It will be interesting.

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