My very last encounter with LEO's was as a student in tactical classes taught by 3 of them -- two police sergeants and a police lieutenant. These 3 were local police academy instructors who had decided they could condense the shooting portion of their police academy programs into various single day range classes for local civilians.

To attend the classes you had to go through their progressive program one class at a time, starting with "basic tactical pistol", then "advanced tactical pistol", then "low light and night pistol", etc.

I was very impressed with these individuals and their almost military bearing.

Noteworthy was their close command and control of everyone's movements and actions.

One particular classic instruction they gave us early on every day of every class was to the effect, "Ladies and gentlemen, we do not want to have any firearms accidents here, so please keep your hands off your weapons until we tell you to do otherwise, and please keep your hands where we can see them at all times -- thank you."

While I always thought that I knew how to shoot pistols well and that I was already very good, they showed everyone that we were actually only amateurs compared with their own proficiency.

They changed virtually everything we did, from stance, to grip, to trigger pull, follow through, follow up steps, firing and moving at the same time, and so forth.

These regular police academy instructors were very good at what they did for a living.

It was a very positive experience.