Positive encounter with Okaloosa Co. Deputy
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Thread: Positive encounter with Okaloosa Co. Deputy

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    Exclamation Positive encounter with Okaloosa Co. Deputy

    Last night I called the sheriff's office about a criminal tresspass at my neighbors place. The deputy that arrived on scene was professional courteous and had no issue whatsoever discussing firearms and home protection.

    My neighbor's truck was broken into (felony B&E) and the tool box and cab were left unsecured (this is what prompted me to call the law).

    A large garden wagon was used to transfer whatever was taken to the locked gate (this is where the criminal tresspass comes into play) at the edge of the property.

    When it was all said and done we had done he right thing and will continue to keep an eye out for a repeat occurence.

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    Okaloosa County has some really good deputies. Stay safe up there in the 'View.

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