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  1. He should be shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icetera View Post
    The news does not gain ratings/subscriptions by showing every time an officer does something good.
    LOL Oh NOW I understand. The cops are trying to boost the network ratings. I thought they were just losing control and beating the crap out of women. That's a whole different ball game.
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    As much as I shouldn't even respond to this, I have to say that it is small-minded to make blanket accusations. I don't feel the need to say much more, if you think of all the LEO's in the country and every single time that they come into some kind of contact with the citizenry the percentages are still pretty low. For what it's worth, I was a Deputy Sheriff for about 5 years before I went on active duty with the Air Force. Do some people abuse their authority? Yes, but they also pay for it in one way or another when it's all said and done, and nowadays that is usually because the camera never lies. The fact that the bullies and the corrupt are arrested and taken out of their positions is a sign that our society works sometimes and a hell of alot better than many other societies.

    It's not confined to law enforcement either, and just a sad fact of human nature. Having walked on that side for awhile, I saw plenty of good and some bad, but nowhere near the 100% corrupt and brutal that is ignorantly claimed. I have just as much use for mindsets like that as I have for the gun-grabbers who call all of us mouth-breathing knuckledraggers who burn crosses in between reloads. A stack of youtube videos doesn't make me think different, and reinforces my point that LEOs who act this way usually pay for it.

  5. I believe the are good LEOs out there.
    I believe that LEOs deal with the worst society has to offer on a daily basis.
    I believe MOST bad LEOs are made that way by the job (some do just start out bad).
    I believe the very presence of uniformed LEOs is a deterrant to crime.
    I believe LEOs are as screwed over and as frustrated by our legal system as the rest of us, probably more so as they deal with it every day.
    I believe most crimes that do not make CNN are solved due to overwhelming stupidity by the criminal, or by accident, as the job of the modern police officer is to document crime.
    I believe there is not enough manpower to close the crack houses and meth labs in our neighborhoods, but there is always enough police to set up a speed trap 50 yards away. (document crime?)
    I believe I have NEVER felt better after having talked to the police, even after having been assaulted and having my home burgularized. The direct involvement of the Police has never had a positive impact on my life, but the passive impact is immeasurable (their presence deters crime)
    I believe after shooting someone in self defence (while his 3 friends run away), the last person I will be happy to see it a police officer (and the only thing I will say is I want my lawyer!!)

    I believe if we want a better police force, we (all of us) have to treat them better, show them the respect the deserve (or more), we need to take the financial gain out of writing tickets and confiscating property, we have to give them the power and authority to stop the criminals without fear of retribution (I'm sorry, Rodney King deserved what he got, when a cop says freeze, FREEZE!!!).
    I believe a LEOs word should be worth a LOT more than a criminals, but if they breach that trust, they need to be taken down HARD!!!
    I believe LEOs need to understand and learn how to use appropriate force and not act out of anger, hatred, fear, etc.
    I believe criminals should have to fear LEOs, but honest people should not. Right now, I think it is the other way around.
    We need to treat our LEOs better, and they need to remember their job is to SERVE us.

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    To often we complain about the LEO's but the truth of the matter is most of us would not want the job. It is a very dangerous and demanding profession with little thanks most of the time for the job they do. The majority of fine officers often get blamed for the minority of bad apples that get all the media attention. Hold the bad ones feet to the fire, that we should do, but have you thanked any of the good cops out there for their service? If you say you have not seen any good ones then I would venture to say you have not looked very hard. I know there are a number of officers that are on this site and are very much pro 2nd amendment. Again for all that you do thanks.
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    I'm not a leo but I can't imagine the stress they have to deal with nowadays, not that that is any reason to do such a thing but I have to wonder if the huge amount of stress is what leads to this behavior....

    I respect the tough job they have to do, it's to bad a few stories get sesationalized by the press and give them a bad name...I think videos such as these should be handled accordingly WITHOUT the press and public involved in order to maintain a certain amount of trust and repect for the LEO's that do abide by the rules

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    I disagree. Not only should these incidents be made public immediately upon commission, but so to should be all IAD and Citizen's Police Commission proceedings and court procedings that revolve around any and all police misconduct. Everyone knows there are bad apples out there. Keeping it quite through supression of the story will not stop that correct perception. The only thing that will ameliorate everyone's perception that the cops responding to your 911 call or pulling you over for a moving violation is likely crooked as a dog's hind leg is actually seeing the bad apples being punished with being fired from their current position as an officer of the law, black-balled from ever holding another legal position anywhere ever, fined by the unit of government they worked for, fined for restitution to their victims, and in the most egregious, sent to prison for the self-same sentences as would a non-officer of the law for the same offenses.

    Even though justice herself is blind, justice must be seen to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFMike View Post
    , but nowhere near the 100% corrupt and brutal that is ignorantly claimed. t.
    Looking back through the entire thread I can't find where anyone claimed a 100% corruption level among LEO's. Maybe the ignorance is in the defensive perception through guilt by association, or something to that effect?

    Maybe in Hicksville USA and other backwater towns where everybody knows everyone elses business there is an extreme low rate of police corruption, but in the big city and suburbia, it runs deep. Corruption doesn't always mean doing something wrong of using physical violence. It can also mean turning a blind eye to crime because you're too damn lazy to make out a report, or unwilling to put oneself in harms way. Sleeping through an entire shift night after night while pulling double duty? What's the crime there? No big deal you might say. But people are sick of footing the bill. And the power the unions have over local governments is borderline extortion. How about all the construction workers put out of jobs because the union says there has to be an ARMED officer on traffic details in construction zones. For what? They're going to shoot somebody for a traffic violation? Half the time they don't even direct the traffic. They yap on the cell phone, drink coffee, and stare down the hole in the construction site. At least the $10 an hour flag man used to do his job. The $50 an hour detail cop screws off all day.

    I have put myself in harms way a few times to secure evidence which cops discarded for no apparent reason other than they were too damn lazy to make the effort to submit it. I also have found witnesses who saw a city cop dispose of a murder weapon because the victim was a homeless person beaten to death by a gang. So many things go by the boards so easily for so long they become accepted.

    I especially like the part where legislators in a liberal state without capital punishment will give a person the proverbial shot in the paw if they kill a cop, yet when a cop commits a crime, they get a lesser or no sentence because they're cops. There is quite a double standard there.

    People are sick of it. Granted, there are some by the book good cops, and some who go above and beyond. But they are overshadowed by the corruption of the others, whatever the percentage, and that shadow is darkened by the fact that these cops are seldom punished.

    In the one case where I thought I had hard evidence to nail a corrupt cop making threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, I had the victim put a trace on the calls. The problem was, we had to get a case number from? Ya, the police. Like having the cat watch the canary. So I played stupid and had the police file a case number, and low and behold, according to the police, the phone company conveniently lost the files.

    When you're a member of a fraternal club, it's hard to see the forest through the trees, even if the gangs colors are blue. Before anyone accuses me of being "ignorant" they should have a clue. Walk a mile in my shoes, and you'll have a rude awakening.

    Here's some tidbits for you.

    Police Corruption

    Problems with Drugs and Police Corruption: Drugwar.com

    To serve and collect: measuring police corruption | Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology | Find Articles at BNET

    Facts is facts. Cry me a river.
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    Sooo. Lets see what's in the news "Today." Can you say "Throw down?" This gives "Getting away with murder" a whole new meaning.

    Race may be factor in police shooting of unarmed elderly man -- chicagotribune.com
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    First of all, I'll admit my own biases from having done the job. I don't really see that from you and your obvious beef with law enforcement from whatever you've experienced. Second, I've been away from that life for nearly seven years and I have seen things from the other side. I do think about things differently than I did when I was on the job, and it did teach me what not to tolerate in any dealings I might have with the police as a private citizen. It also gave me insight as to handle those situations in the most effective way possible should I ever need to. I'm glad to hear you acknowledge that it isn't all law enforcement, which is something that was not present in any of your other postings, such as:

    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    They are pretty much organized street gangs with paychecks. I could write a book.
    If that's the case, write it. Tell people that enough, and they will probably ask you why you don't. Expose what you know and do something about trying to get people off the streets who abuse their power. You can tell me to cry a river all you want, but if you have so much first-hand knowledge then get it in the hands of people who will act. Become a best-selling author exposing police corruption and make your part of the country a better place. . Unless, of course, you just want to "cry a river" on the internet (irony anyone?). As shown by the links you provided (a couple of those seem to have an axe to grind on the subject), there isn't a lack of audience.

    My own experience was in the Southeast, where the pay isn't as lucrative and the unions don't have the sway they do up north. It meant we got some shitbirds, yes, but it also meant that the good ones (who outnumbered the bad) often did it because they were dedicated to doing it right. I see your point about alot of this stuff because I see how people get that way, but you come across as equally cynical (on the opposite end of the spectrum) to the guys who use that as an excuse to misuse their authority.

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