lit up by kansas hwy patrol
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Thread: lit up by kansas hwy patrol

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    lit up by kansas hwy patrol

    I was on my way back to ohio from kansas via rte 36 when I noticed a highway patrol car turn around as I passed it. my legs started shaking as I knew he was gonna get me for something and I had a loaded gun with an ohio permit.he followed me for about 5 miles to the next small town where he pulled me over. he said he pulled me over for dim brake lights, but he followed me for doing 72 in a 65. I waited for a pause in the conversation to inform him I had an out of state permit and a gun in my jacket in the back seat. he said that's fine just as long as it stays there. he compared the info on my permit with my DL and went to his car to run my info. a few mins later he came back with a warning. we talked for a few mins like we were best buddies and he was on his way.
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    Looks like you were OK, Kansas honors the Ohio permit, even though it appears Ohio does not honor Kansas (that's not nice.)

    Also Kansas is a notify on demand state so you really would not have to have told him you had the weapon in the back seat anyway, but it appears it may have worked to your advantage.

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    Right on.
    I like to hear stories like that. The cops are too disconnected with regular people, or 'civilians' as we have been recently called. We need to have good relations with our local police, and give a good impression to them, as "ambassadors" of CC.
    Too many people think that if someone has a CHL/CCW, then that makes them a nut job automatically.
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    I'm from Kansas and although we don't have to volunteer concealed info unless asked, you can bet that I'd inform a police officer about any concealed handgun. I would not want a stressful situation to turn ugly. Most of the officers I know do not appreciate surprises.

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    Why would it ever be a surprise to the officer that you are carrying concealed? Unless they pull you out of your car for a search, the gun is concealed and they don't know you are carrying. Concealed is concealed.

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  7. Whats up with Ohio

    Ohio doesnt reconize Indiana ccp either but Indiana reconizes Ohio

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    because Indiana doesen't require training for a CCW permit
    when true patriots become labeled as enemies you can bury my corpse right beside lady libertys

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    That's the way it's supposed to work.

  10. glad to hear it was a positive experience, it didn't start well. U-turn on highway, following you and a pull over for "dim tail light"

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    so you had a cop chasing your dim tail:)... seriously though glad it went well.
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