Child Custody Issue
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Thread: Child Custody Issue

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    Child Custody Issue

    Well this past week was spring break. I was so excited. I would be getting my son for the entire week. 6pm the day school lets out till 6pm the day before lets in. witch is Friday threw the following Sunday. Well packing my camping stuff Friday afternoon and i get a call from a local deputy saying that my x was at the station saying i had not returned my son on time. Well i went to the sheriff department and showed him the paper work that clearly states im to have him like state above irrespective of weekend visitation schedule. He continued to tell me i was in contempt of court and that i will most likely have a warrant sworn for my arrest.he said that he spoke with the superior court judge and the judge said i was in contempt and needed to be arrested. i would later find out that he was bluffing me. What an idiot. So i had to give my son to my x and sit at home the rest of the weekend waiting on them to come serve there warrant. Well they never did so this morning i went and spoke with my lawyer. We called the judge and guess what no Friday night phone calls to him. And comes to find out i was completely right about keeping my son till Sunday. So now i am forced to sue the local sheriff department. Im just so glad i had my brother in law who is a state parole officer with me the entire time to witness the deputy threatening me and everything. I hate to do this but i think it needs to be well known that the deputy crossed the line. The only monetary damages i am seeking are lawyer fees. Its not like im out to get rich. I just want this deputy set straight. In the end no one will win in something like this. Anyways thanks for reading i needed to vent.
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    I wish you all the luck. My late hubby went thru this with his first wife, 45 years ago. It's sad that people treat each other like this! The kids are truly hurt by this.

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    Stay strong man, eventually the good guys always prevail!

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    sorry to hear all the bs with your ex. ?why would the leo do this to you?. may be he dating your ex, or willing to do any thing to get her out of his office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khicks View Post
    sorry to hear all the bs with your ex. ?why would the leo do this to you?. may be he dating your ex, or willing to do any thing to get her out of his office.

    hmmm i havent though of this... he did have to tell her and her step mom to shut up a couple times.. but either way he was way outta line
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    Nail the jackass! That kind of stuff is unacceptable! A sworn LEO should remain neutral and "uphold the law" regardless of his personal feelings.

    What a bunch of crap. Hope you prevail and the guy gets put out of the LE business. I think an internal investigation will clear things up.

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    I'd sue the smack out of them. Buy your kid somethin nice...they have the money. As far as why he would have done this? The only motive I could conclude if it were me is that he was trying to hump your EX...sorry to be blunt but why the hell else would he put his job on the line??

    Make an example out of him because I went through a similar issue and the officer ALWAYS took her side! Fathers have no rights if you ask me!!

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    yeah fathers have no rights.. or men in general when it comes to a woman... my ex claimed i beat her one time and i was at teh freaking lake fishing with my buddy when she called it in. Nearly arrested me. idiot wouldnt take a minute to notice if i beat her as bad as she was claiming she would have some kinda mark.. and when i mentioned this she changed her story and said i put a pillow over her head and he still believed her. but lucky for me the divorce judge didnt. and btw i was never arrested for beating her.
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

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    Arrow Lucky guy....

    Quote Originally Posted by wildcathunter View Post
    and btw i was never arrested for beating her.
    Of course not, because that would have precluded you from ever obtaining a CCW. I learned that with my ex-wife. The first time that she called the police while we were arguing (not because I hit her, but because she wanted them to "set me straight") was the last day that I stayed in my own home. I moved out that afternoon. All of her crying and begging didn't even begin to convince me to take her back.
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    I believe that the courts should take these "wolf cries" seriously... she is obviously abusing the system, just so that you can not get the time you were awarded with your son... which is also sad, that you have to be awarded this "extra" time with your son. For some reason, the system is failing, the good people, the ones that are trying to do everything right....
    I will keep you in my prayers, that all of this works out....

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