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    Quote Originally Posted by spf159753 View Post
    I know open carry is a right,but is it prudent???
    Concealing a firearm has it's advantages.
    For one,it gives you the edge over the bad guys,so they don't know your armed,and it makes it harder for the bad guys to "Get the Drop on you",so to speak,if they don't know your armed.
    Many cops have been killed,because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time(robbery in progress,while off duty),because they did a BAD job of concealing their firearm,so the crooks(Bad Guys) thought they were cops,and wasted them so there would be zero witness's.
    I could go on,but I think you know what I mean.
    Do you have any proof of this? Having been brainwashed by LEO that I work with, I used to subscribe to the same school of thought. After some research, I found that it wasn't the firearm that got the off duty LEO in trouble, but rather identifying clothing that was the culprit.

    Quote Originally Posted by spf159753 View Post
    My choice,I guess.
    I agree that it's a personal choice. I do understand that if one chooses to OC, they must be prepared for the possibility that they may be questioned by LEO, or experience a situation similar to what "NavyLT" did. I do concede that there's a "time and place" for example, I won't go and OC at a funeral or to the Easter sunrise service. I'm also fairly sensitive to OCing where there are a large number of children as it's more likely someone will make a "Man with a gun" call to 911. Other than that, if I'm out and about and in compliance with the law, I see no problem with OC. I find it a great opportunity to educate the public and see it as a way to show people that it's ok for law abiding citizens to carry a firearm. Think about the last time you heard of a BG committing a crime with a gun that was drawn from an OC holster.

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    I am from L.A. Calif. originally and just in L.A. alone there have been many cops killed because of being spotted as being cops
    in off duty attire because of guns printing through their clothing. Media don't usually tell you the real story.
    But I got it first hand by family members who retired from LAPD. And that's just one city.
    When I was in Chicago,off duty cops didn't even try to conceal their guns very well,and they could be spotted as cops right away.
    I understand your wanting to "educate" the general public,and it's your right to open carry if you want,that's your choice.
    But there is that little something about being discrete,and being able to deploy your firearm in a surprise when an emergency happens,which may give you the upper hand.
    That's just a thought though. I'm talking about the Tactical advantage of concealed carry,nothing else.
    Sorry for any spelling errors,I'm really bad at spelling.
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  4. I firmly believe that most bad guys do place some value upon their own lives. That not only includes not getting shot and killed, but also means not going to federal prision for a long time over a couple of bucks. Therefore, I firmly believe that the vast majority of bg's, gang bangers, road ragers, etc. when given the choice of seeing an individual who is bold enough to carry their firearm openly for self protection or seeing another individual who apparantly does not have the means to protect themselves, that they will choose to just move on to an easier target.

    I believe in this principal so firmly that I bet my life on it.

    Historicaly, the element of surprise has always been an offensive tactic, while visible force has always been the defensive tactic of choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Though they weren't doing anything illegal, the LEO that hassled them didn't seem to know the law (or at least didn't care).gf
    Get out the popcorn, same old crap.

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    This is going to be an on going issue no matter. The choice to OC or CC is a personnel choice. Just always remember if you have a CCW permit and there is an issue with you OC'ing then all you need do is cover your weapon and you will be fine as long as you are not violating any local and or state and federal laws that may be posted. Just my 2 cents on the matter.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I wonder what would have happened if you didn't have a CFP. I'm getting ready for a trip to WA state and from what I understand, I can (and will have to) OC for most of my trip (won't carry in Seattle).
    In a city dog park gathering I attended, someone arrived openly carrying his pistol. There were tons of dogs and kids. We were not hassled, no cops were called, and I didn't even see anyone steer clear of us.

    Not everyone is instantly afraid of seeing a gun in public in Seattle. Still, it does pay to be prepared should you ever have that conversation with an officer.

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    glad to see that the establishment recognizes the 2A and welcomes you and your guns. too bad though that so many people automatically think "bad guy" when they see a gun.. the media sure helps with that one...
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    One question I have is, Why did he hand you your military ID back and say, "Can I see some REAL ID ? The last I remember a military ID was real! I could understand if he asked if he could see an ID with your home address on it, and I am assuming that is why he wanted another form of ID.
    If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Mes0hemi View Post
    One question I have is, Why did he hand you your military ID back and say, "Can I see some REAL ID ? The last I remember a military ID was real! I could understand if he asked if he could see an ID with your home address on it, and I am assuming that is why he wanted another form of ID.
    He wanted to see "real ID" in addition to the CPL, because the CPL does not have a photograph. The military ID satisfied that. If I really wanted to push my point, though, I could have refused to show him anything, including the CPL, because a CPL was not required in that circumstance, and presentation of an ID is only required, if available, during a formal detention - and a formal detention requires resonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity.

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    I don't like the idea of having to have a CWP to carry a concealed firearm but I lilke even less the idea that I am committing a sin by carrying concealed. Seems like every time someone mentions carrying CC the pro OC crowd pipes up and starts accusing them of every possible stupid action there is. Even most states have that attitude that a true gentleman doesn't carry concealed or at least that is how most states view it. I am starting to belive the brady Bunch when they talk about OC as the extension of a man's *****.

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