LEO Encounter in Maine
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Thread: LEO Encounter in Maine

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    LEO Encounter in Maine

    I just submitted my CCW application today. In Maine you usually submit it to your local police department.

    As a part of the application process they are required to take a photograph.

    After the officer had taken my picture and as I was leaving he said it was a pleasure meeting me. Then he said, "Carry safe, carry often".

    I like that!

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    I'd like to meet that cop and shake his hand
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    The rank and file know at least two things: 1) We're not their problem. 2) We make their jobs easier.
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    I've always heard it is nice up there in Maine. Must be. sounds like your in a good area. Be safe and enjoy.


    P.S. Welcome to the Forum
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    That was cool I wish there were more LEO's like that alot of them think citizens don't need to carry,Although there are some that are really supportive of citizens carrying. I took a Firearms fundamentals course at my Local Sheriff's department and both instructors were very glad to see citizens interested in exercising the 2nd amendment right to bear arms and stated if there was ever anything they could do to assist us to let them know.

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    Talking Well, at least SOMEBODY read the memo.....

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    Right wing terrorist
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