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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpjumper101 View Post
    found the link it appears all charges were dropped against the trooper. heres the link - ktlu Resources and Information. This website is for sale! this trooper should apply for a job as a mall ninja
    that link doesn't have an update...

  3. Thank You Old Owl for not coming to Oklahoma! We won't miss you or your money, but thanks anyway.

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  4. Hopefully the patient did not die. If he/she did, the trooper should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. At an absolute minimum he should be fired, forfeit any and all benefits, and his peace officer certification should be permanently revoked without possibility of reinstatement.

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    Since this thread is talking about "bad LEO's" let me share my story. About 20 years ago my son, when my wife and I were not home, decided to throw a party. Invited among others was a police officer friend of my sons from a neighboring town, who always had a certain aggressive nature. With alcohol being served, the police officer, who was drunk, began to make a fool of himself and my son, along with others, had him leave the house--whether there was any pushing a shoving--probably was--but the point was that the police officer did not leave on his own and then proceeded to go out to his car and come back to the house with his service gun. My son, scared to death, called our local police, who, when they arrived, sided with the police officer in lieu of my son and his friends. I eventually gave the Chief a piece of my mind and did not appreciate this blue wall response--it was my house and my son's house and the prersentation of a weapon goes far beyond police procedure. The payoff to this story is the fact that several months ago this police officer (granted about 20 years have passed since that incident) has been named the Chief of Police of this neighboring town, his advancement thru the ranks fueled by an intense attention to his policing duties including swat. Personally, I never forgot what this police officer did and maybe maturity and time has changed things but I cannot forget that like leopards, you cannot lose your spots if t hey are part of your psyche and when you have a gun and a badge, it gets scary.

  6. @kelcarry stories like that boil my blood almost as much as the administration. All the time police officers are even caught on tape, like in Chicago when a police officer beat a female bartender on video and was never charged. The court always takes their side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBJ View Post
    Several years ago, there was a Hotzola (sp?) ambulance that would travel down the New York State Thruway with lights and sirens on at the same time every morning. Finally a NY State Trooper pulled them over and did an investigation. There was no patient in the back. There were 5 Hasidics in the back who worked in the diamond district and they were going to work like that to beat the traffic!

    It's hard to know the real story when we only get to see 2-3 minutes of video!
    2-3 minutes that are pretty convincing, by the way. Just from this 2-3 minutes, as well as news reports, we know that the EMTs were transporting a patient. What more do you need to conclude that the trooper was clearly out of line?
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    One of the junior reporters at Fox did a follow up on this story "because no one else was covering it" and offered a few more details.

    That OHP trooper was suspended, but the OHP "was still looking into the matter" = nothing happening there. The reporter DID discover the same trooper was a Chief of police in some other podunk town prior, and was relieved of duty for unprofessional conduct. The background investigators for OHP either determined his conduct wasn't too severe, or they're liable. The video attack of this maniac on an ambulance driver has me leaning toward the latter.

    The old lady in the back of the bone box did not die. She is consulting legal counsel however, according to the reporter. The old lady and her elderly sister want the cop fired. (Can't say I blame 'em.)

    The bone box driver has his own share of blemishes on his record, but won't lose his job and didn't share if he'd be pursuing legal recourse against the cop - who is very obviously a liability to his agency.

    Of all the dumb stuff to get in trouble for as a cop, that one there is high on the [email protected]$$ list. IMHO.
    "There is no consitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen." (7th Cir. 1982, Bowers v. DeVito)Stay safe, and stay

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