I'm with you as far as needing/wanting a police force. I defy anyone to logically argue how police are helpful to an individual in an immediate bad situation. As I stated earlier, they generally provide a "mop up" service. I love the commercials for home security where someone breaks in, then runs off while the homeowner gets a call from the home security service saying "...we're sending help right away". If the BG wants you hurt/dead, they got plenty of time to accomplish that before "help" arrives. Solution: each TRAINED citizen takes care of the BG themselves, and then leisurely calls for "mop up" while having a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

It seems to me there is NO situation where we need such an extensive force with such broad arrest powers. Yeah, yeah, they catch speeders and some drunk drivers, but they need only minimal arrest powers for that. But what else do they do to PROTECT the individual citizen?

And I haven't even noted police corruption, police stomping on civil rights, etc.

So, here's my challenge to other writers: Convince me that we need all this police/SWAT/paramilitary presence.