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    I have oc'd here in idaho and utah for the last year and a half never had one problem. I get looks sometimes but people are used to it here.

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    Update on my OC'ing. Last year I was going into Wal-Mart and I got stopped by an employee because the employee did not know the store policy. The manager came over and apologized and I went on. I have been in the store about 25 times OC'ing.
    The Second Amendment is about the right to be able to protect oneself from all who would do us harm including Legislators! I came into this world screaming and covered in someone Else's blood, don't care if I go out the same way

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    I have to amend this post.

    A few weeks ago, I was OC in Steak n' Shake. A local sheriff, not in uniform, was sitting down eating close to the door and motioned with a head nod that he'd like to speak with me. I figured "what the hell" and walked the few feet to where he was sitting. He identified himself to me with his badge and began asking me what department I was with. I explained to him that I was a private citizen with a handgun license (required in Indiana to carry a handgun regardless of OC or CC) and that I was basically exercising my right to OC. He never asked to see the license, although I offered and proceeded to chastise me for being a danger to the public...I think he called me a menace. I maintained my calm, even though at one point he even threatened to confiscate my forearm, which would have been illegal but we know how that goes. Long story short, this ignorant sheriff (I say ignorant because he obviously wasn't all that familiar with Indiana gun laws) huffed and puffed, making a scene in SnS, but never did anything. It was bad enough that two of the SnS employees and the manager came over to me to ask what was going on, which I explained to them. They thought he was being a jackhole and didn't care about the Glock on my hip.

    That's, by far, the most negative OC experience I've ever had...most are positive though
    Ddaannnggg!!! Sorry to read about this happening to you. If the Sherriff is this anti-OC then I guess you need to work on getting someone else elected in his place. Imagine what he is telling his Deputies with regards to OC. The Sherriff is a very powerful LEO in most places and short of loosing an election they fear very little. Good luck.
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