Brass Knuckles Legality
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Thread: Brass Knuckles Legality

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    Question Brass Knuckles Legality

    What are the laws in your state about carrying brass knuckles? Please make sure to indicate your home state when replying.

  3. Ive lived in Oh Az and in Ga and theyre illegal in all those states but papper weights arent which theyre sold as and if your taking your paper weight from work to your home office then better be a very convincing person and yes I own srveral pair including one sold as a belt buckle havint worn it as a belt yet

  4. In New Mexico, they're specifically defined as "deadly weapons" under NMSA 1978, Section 30-1-12(B). Section 30-7-2 makes it a petty misdemeanor to carry them.

  5. Pretty d****d silly, I know. But most states have laws like that. All sorts of weapons far less effective than our pistols, ASP batons, nunchucks (two sticks tied together), brass knuckles, saps, knives, sword canes, you name it. I can wear my .45 with no problem, but any of a host of far less deadly weapons will make me a criminal just by being there.

    Some places won't even let you carry pepper spray. But a squirt bottle of ammonia or oven cleaner isn't a weapon. You can't carry a sap or baton, but your Maglight isn't a weapon...

    None of it makes any sense.
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    Brass knuckles are a prohibited weapon in Tennessee. It is a class A misdemeanor to possess brass knuckles in Tennessee.
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  7. In Texas under Sec. 46.05 of the penal code it is a Class A misdemeanor. A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly possesses, manufactures, transports, repairs, or sells.

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    In NC you will be going to jail. CC only covers handguns. Not knifes(over X#" long), numchucks, knucks,or anything that can be considered a deadly weapon.

  9. Regarding the various states' laws, as Pinnacle Safety mentioned, I've only seen them sold as paper weights for the last 20 years so none of the criminal code applies.

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    In Washington they are illegal;

    RCW 9.41.250
    Dangerous weapons -- Penalty.
    Every person who:

    (1) Manufactures, sells, or disposes of or possesses any instrument or weapon of the kind usually known as slung shot, sand club, or metal knuckles, or spring blade knife, or any knife the blade of which is automatically released by a spring mechanism or other mechanical device, or any knife having a blade which opens, or falls, or is ejected into position by the force of gravity, or by an outward, downward, or centrifugal thrust or movement;

    (2) Furtively carries with intent to conceal any dagger, dirk, pistol, or other dangerous weapon; or

    (3) Uses any contrivance or device for suppressing the noise of any firearm, unless the suppressor is legally registered and possessed in accordance with federal law, is guilty of a gross misdemeanor punishable under chapter 9A.20 RCW.
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  11. I can't quote the statute, but I am pretty certain they are illegal in my home state of Arkansas. You probably can't keep a club in your car, either. Of course where you keep your tire tool is entirely up to you. ;)

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