I dont need no stinking gun...
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Thread: I dont need no stinking gun...

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    I dont need no stinking gun...

    Olympia clerk hits robber over head with metal folding chair.
    by KING 5 News
    Posted on August 26, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A defensive store clerk prevented a robber from pillaging his Olympia store by hitting him over the head with a metal folding chair Wednesday night.

    At the 76 Gas Station on Pacific Avenue and Boulevard Road, police said a male suspect wearing sunglasses and a stocking cap walked into the store 10 minutes before midnight, and flashed a 3-4 inch folding knife.

    Clerks told police the suspect demanded money and tried to jump over the counter.

    Alarmed, one of the clerks grabbed a metal folding chair and hit the suspect over the head, stunning him and knocking both his sunglasses and hat off.

    Police said the suspect managed to walk out of the store and has not been arrested.

    He is described as a white male, 18-25 years-old, 5-foot 10 inches tall and about 170 pounds with black hair.

    Call either Detective Chris Johnstone (360-709-2793) or Crime Stoppers (360-493-4333) if you have any information. You may remain anonymous.

    The fact the guy walked out of the store bothers me... they shoulda hit him twice.

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    You gotta do what you gotta do!!

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    Hope the clerks get a raise!!

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    That is too funny. Tried to rob a store with a folding knife huh... I guess the clerk was not real intimidated by it. He is lucky they did not jump on him, and beat him to death with the folding chair.

  6. Lets see here, a folding chair has significant reach and shielding capabilities when going against a knife. Now, the next robber may not bring a knife to a folding chair fight.

  7. People are getting desperate! Does no one out there understand this? High unemployment and forecloses....when ppl loose it all, they loose it. That or they are just junkies looking to pay for their next High. I'm glad this guy defended himself and not tuck tail and run. Whomever this thief was, I hope he learned his lesson. That,or next time he'll just bring a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich M View Post

    The fact the guy walked out of the store bothers me... they shoulda hit him twice.
    "Continue hitting the subject over the head with the metal chair until the threat has been stopped." LOL!
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    Folding knife, folding chair. ...There's something brewing out there.
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    Asp would have a nice ring to his head.

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    Clerk should get a nice conceal holster for his chair.

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