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Thread: Tazers and Stun Guns

  1. I own and carry the Taser C2. Bought it at the local Acadamy store. Great piece of gear.

  3. I agree. The Taser X26 gets the job done. Since I am a girl, it did not hurt as much as the men say, maybe we are just tougher :)
    I have heard it is harder on men because it affects the muscles. Definitely a great product.

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    The various tasers and stun guns have a couple of drawbacks. Stun guns are "close up" weapons - if you're that close, they can clock you if they're just a bit stronger or faster. Tasers are good for use against a single opponent - but what do you do if there are 2 or more of them? I still think that a cane or an ASP 26" telescoping baton is a better all-around choice; you've got more "stand off" distance than a stun gun, and you can deal with more than one opponent effectively, short of having to shoot them.

  5. Dragon,
    I think many people confuse Tasers for the more common "stun guns". The Taser C2 that I carry, and the X26, have several features that the cheaper generic "stun guns" may lack.
    First is what i see as the deterence features which are the intergrated LED lights and aiming laser. Most criminals are looking for a unarmed or easy target. Lighting and lazing a agressor will often result in them hesitating or breaking off an attack.
    Second, while they are short range devices, they do have more range than a baton or cane. You mentioned stand off distance. The Taser C2 has a range of 15 feet. That's close but not as close as they would get with the options you mentioned. Even if the probes fail to hit their mark and the agressor closes the distance you still have the drive stun option at contact ranges.
    As you corectly pointed out, they are one shot devices. Multiple threats are possible but single aggressors are probably much more likely. Of course, if multiple agressors confront me I'm not relying soly on my one shot Taser. I have other options (Pistol, OC spray, knife, etc...) Some people choose to keep a second firing cartridge on hand and plan on doing a fast reload if possible. Others choose to carry secondary devices such as OC spray or deploy a firearm should the Taser fail to stop the threat. I personally see my Taser as a accessory to my daily carry firearm which gives me options to using deadly force. It's not a replacement for the pistol but a tool I can use in addition to the pistol as the needs dictate.

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    Exclamation Taser Legality

    Here is a sumary of Taser legality amongst various states.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yale View Post
    Lighting and lazing a agressor will often result in them hesitating or breaking off an attack.
    Got any stats on lighting up an aggressor? Most would shoot probably.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Got any stats on lighting up an aggressor? Most would shoot probably.
    No stats. Only anecdotal experiance. I should have typed that I was stating opinion and not fact. Good catch.
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  9. I will say there have been several occasions that previous co-works have used the aiming laser which stopped the person. Granted the normal distance is 15 feet, not sure where the longer distance cartridges can be purchased but they do make them to go out to about 30ft. While yes the M18 and X26 have only one shot and then you must change the cartridge, there is the X3 which holds 3 shots before needing to be changed out for a new cartridge. I should also say I am not sure if the X3 is open to be sold to non LEOs

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    After a LOT of looking, I got this one. I'm too scared to try it on myself and too nice to try it on anyone else (that doesn't deserve it)....

    BARRACUDA BC37 Stun Gun Highest Amperage Available

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    Tasers are legal in Michigan now, as long as you have a CPL and have an additional certificate stating you completed some sort of taser training.
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